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  1. Maintain, install, or repair computers.
  2. Try new food recipes.
  3. Help a business or client meet financial goals.
  4. Teach people new skills.
  5. Take care of people, even strangers.
  6. Write books, articles, essays, or plays.
  7. Interpret data/numbers and problem solve.
  8. Discover why and how chemicals react to one another.
  9. Investigate crimes.
  10. Learn about human relations and psychology.
  11. Design a costume or stage set.
  12. Motivate, encourage, and help others to fulfill their goals.
  13. Animate graphics on a computer.
  14. Learn computer software programs.
  15. Learn what fruits and vegetables are in season.
  16. Learn how to start a business.
  17. Train employees.
  18. Learn how the body functions.
  19. Research and create reports.
  20. Design airplanes, buildings, bridges, or machinery.
  21. Study marine life in their habitat.
  22. Serve your community and keep it safe.
  23. Understand world events and politics.
  24. Critique art, music, or performances.
  25. Train people to meet fitness goals.
  26. Design a logo for a business.
  27. Troubleshoot technology issues.
  28. Cater a party.
  29. Ensure a business meets standards.
  30. Develop lesson plans for classes.
  31. Help those who are dying, sick, or depressed.
  32. Prepare a press release.
  33. Solve math problems.
  34. Understand and observe the changes in weather patterns or animal migrations.
  35. Help community during a natural disaster or emergency.
  36. Study ethics and philosophy.
  37. Play an instrument.
  38. Lead recreational activities.
  39. Design a website.
  40. Code a website or software application.
  41. Design a wedding cake.
  42. Supervise, hire, and mentor others.
  43. Teach a large group how to do something.
  44. Observe, record, and report a patient's condition.
  45. Read books and articles.
  46. Analyze statistical data and trends.
  47. Research environmental effects on wildlife.
  48. Ensure federal, state, and local laws are abided by.
  49. Research other cultures and religions.
  50. Work as a performer, stagehand, or director.
  51. Advise people about healthy lifestyle habits.
  52. Produce a commercial.
  53. Use technology everyday.
  54. Work outside most of the time.
  55. Help people who are in need.
  56. Build or fix things.
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