Career Exploration Booklets

You can download the Career Exploration Guide, which is a 9-page, letter-sized pdf. Print it on your school’s printer or at home. These free career booklets print well black and white and you can print it double-sided to save paper.

Most Professional: Print a Booklet at a Printer

If your school district would like to print quality booklets for a large number of students, you can use the following instructions. PSPrint is the company YourFreeCareerTest uses to bring booklets. We are not affiliated with PSPrint, this is just an affordable business we have ordered from and have found they deliver quality products. PSPrint is easy to order from and often provides 40% discounts on their booklets, making the booklets much more affordable to schools with a limited budget.

1. Download the Career Exploration Booklet pdf you’ll need to upload to PSPrint or the print company you choose to use.

2. Go to and select the My Account > Login option at the top right of the website.

3. Select, Create an Account. Optionally, you can also select the Continue as Guest option if you think you will only order once. Creating an account is an easy way for you to reorder these books whenever they are needed however.

4. Select the Products tab and select the Booklets option.

5. Select the Standard Booklets option. Many times, these booklet orders are 40% off at PSPrint so it may be best to email PSPrint if they are not on sale to inquire if there will be an upcoming discount.

6. The settings we use are shown. You must select 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 12 pages. However, feel free to change the Interior Paper type, Color (black to be the cheapest possible), and binding. Adjusting the quantity and other options will give you cost total in real time. Add your zip to include the shipping in your estimate.

Select Upload Now and upload the YFCT_careerExplorationBooklet.pdf. Click Add to Cart to complete the order.

Booklet Feedback

If you have any feedback on the print quality, please contact PSPrint directly. If you have recommendations on ways to improvement the booklets for students, please email

Copyright retains the copyright of the Career Exploration Booklet. However, anyone is welcome to distribute it as long as no modification to the content or graphics is made. They are meant to be free and accessible for all students. For example, another company can’t add their logo to the booklet and take credit for producing it. Retaining the copyright means no one is allowed to turn a profit from this booklet either. If any amount is charged, it should only cover the cost it took you to print and ship the booklet. Thank you.

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