top 10 highest paid careers with a bachelors degree

Career Research

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How to Research Careers

Figuring out what career you are interested in should extend beyond whether you think you’ll enjoy it. You’ll also want to ensure the career has a good occupational outlook (growth rate), pays what you’d like to earn, and an educational requirement you feel confident in achieving. It’s important to do your career research to ensure the career is right for you.

Once you have a list of careers you want to research, you can start to learn more about the career by researching:

  • Career Growth (Occupational Outlook)
  • Salary
  • Educational Requirements

It’s important to stress looking up the careers projected growth. Once you are trained for a career, you want to ensure you can get a job. Some career fields have zero growth and some are even in the negative. Also, technology changes so fast that there is potential that a career fields projected growth can change. If just starting out and gaining your first two years of college education, check the projected careers growth again to make sure you are still up-to-date on the projected outcome of the career you are pursuing. When researching the career, also review what type of tasks you will likely perform each day and consider whether you would be happy doing those tasks each day. Check out an article to learn how to research careers.