what can you do with a multimedia degree

Multimedia Degree

what can you do with a multimedia degree

A multimedia and animation degree prepares you for a career to create animation, visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other media. A career in multimedia usually requires you to have a bachelor’s degree and your coursework will include computer graphics, animation, fine art, programming, and other art and technology-related courses.

No matter your degree though, an employer is ultimately looking for candidates with strong portfolios and strong technical skills as this is a competitive career field. Employers are also ideally looking for candidates with experience. When looking for a college, you’ll want to inquire about any internship programs they offer to gain that on-the-job experience you’ll need to land a job after graduation.

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Listed are a few of the most common industries to work for:

  • motion picture and video industries
  • computer systems design and related services
  • software publishers
  • advertising, public relations, and related services

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that 57 percent of people in this career field are self-employed. If you have developed that strong portfolio and strong technical skills that make you competitive in this market, you may like the idea of working for yourself. There are numerous websites that provide a platform for you to state the services you provide and land ‘gigs’ to do that service. Whether you work for an employer or not, people with a background in multimedia may also have the opportunity to make part-time money through side-projects. Let’s check out the yearly income multimedia designers make.

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