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This is a list of scholarships from reputable organizations that we have found.



Native American

African American / Black



Radiologic Technology

Scholarships for students entering radiologic technology educational programs are available through the ASRT Foundation.

Find Additional Scholarships

  • Start early – at least six months prior to your start semester. You can even start the summer between your junior and senior year.
  • Ask your local college about local scholarships.
  • You only receive about 10% of scholarships you apply for — don’t get discouraged.
  • Use the U.S. Department of Labor’s Free Scholarship Search Tool (link opens in a new browser window).

Scholarships Tips and Strategies

You should not have to pay to submit an application for a scholarship. If you come across a scholarship that includes an application fee it may be a scam.

Also, it is best to organize the college scholarships you are applying for. Make sure you note the deadlines for your scholarship application and read the directions carefully. Most require essays. Read the essay instructions particularly well. Since many scholarships require essays, you may find that submitting your first few scholarship applications take more time. As you apply for scholarships, you may have essays already written that you can modify for the next scholarships application.

You can start applying for scholarships during the summer between your junior and senior years. Also, don’t forget to ask the college you want to attend if they have scholarship opportunities – these may be easier to get.