What does a Entrepreneur do?

Read this career interview from an owner of a coffee shop.

1. What does a typical day in your profession look like?

coffee shop

We start the day grinding our whole bean coffee for brewing; place fresh donuts and assorted pastry in our bakery case; brew iced tea and prepare the POS system for business.  Once the doors are unlocked, we welcome our daily regular customers along with new faces with smiles and pleasant greetings. The vibe is upbeat and comfortable…with smooth jazz in the background and warm conversations abound.  The air is filled with the pleasant and inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee…creating a serene environment for all to enjoy. The action behind the counter, however, is fast-paced, but smooth and invigorating.  The time passes quickly…and the rewards of making the day of many customers is priceless.

2. What do you enjoy most about your career?

I enjoy the complete package of what a traditional coffeehouse inspires: helping our customers start their days and making new friends while enjoying old ones. I also enjoy the independence of ownership while being responsible and true to our customers.

3. What is the biggest challenge you face?

There are many challenges to owning a business…however, it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference.  One, if not the biggest, challenge of operating a business (large or small) is finding and retaining good, quality, dependable, trustworthy employees.

4. What personal characteristics do successful people in your career field possess?

A business owner will need to be self-disciplined, in good health, patient, well-organized, energetic, positive, knowledgeable of their products and services, respectful, and full of personality.

5. What advice would you give others who are interested in pursuing your profession?

Research and learn everything you can about the business you want to open.  If possible, get a job in that field and learn all aspects of the business.  Educate yourself either in school or the field. Location is key as is customer care and service.  Create and write a professional business plan and use it as your guide. Figure out to the penny what it will cost you to open your doors for business then add 30%. Have cash reserves to get you through the first several months. Now, don’t just talk about it. Do it! All the best.