Guest Posts

Thank you for your interest to provide a guest post on This site is student-friendly and there are strict content requirements to ensure it remains a great experience for users. YourFreeCareerTest also wants to respect the time of guest posters, so listed is guidance to help you get your post accepted.

Be aware, will not accept a link in your contact that takes a user to a page with advertising. This eliminates many guest posters. Most guest posts accepted are behalf of a company where there is further information about the company from their business website.

Article submissions

Career articles may be accepted. The structure of the page should include the following sections:

  • An overview paragraph
  • How to Become a [job title]…..
  • Job Description of a [job title]…

This article needs to be consistent with the current structure of the career articles, so please do not expand past the topics above. Visit the career articles in the Career section for examples.

Content Topics Accepted

You can add content to an existing career page on This content should be unique, and not copy/pasted from your company website or job descriptions.

The topics below should be at least 500 words and we will allow 1 link only to the company’s website, career page, or home page. This would not provide the opportunity for a guest poster to also add their author information.

  • What [your company] looks for in a [position]
  • What entry-level employees can expect to learn on-the-job within their first year

You can also submit a career interview.

A career interview should at least be 1500 words. This content should be unique and not reposted elsewhere. This would provide the opportunity to link to a company website and guest posters are welcome their author information to place at the end of the interview.

At a minimum, an interview with someone in the field would ask the individual:

  • Why they become a [position]
  • What they recommend for anyone entering the field
  • What they like the most about their field
  • What their educational experience was like (whether on-the-job, college, apprenticeship etc)

You can ask additional questions, such as what software they need to know, or what type of soft-skills are important if you need additional information to create a full-page article.

You can submit up to 1 link on the article and include a link at the bottom of the article to the guest poster.

Example Posts

These are example guest posts that were accepted (links will open in a new tab): lab technician and how to become a civil engineer at a civil contracting company.

Links that will be Rejected

Most people request to guest post because of the value of a link being on’s website. These following links will be rejected and so will the content:

  • Links to a sales or purchase page
  • Links to a page with advertising of any kind (or popups)
  • Links to a site which has ‘premium’ (or paid) content and/or requires people to become users in order to gain access to that content
  • Links to content that is already offered at

Many posts and links are rejected simply because a guest poster tries to squeeze a link that is banned above. Consider the link you wish to add. Is the page you are linking to valuable and content rich? Again, the site is student-friendly. Also, a link may be removed if the page’s content changes and that content does not fit’s guidelines.

Guest post inquiries that are rejected:

  • Content that is opinionated or is a sales pitch
  • Content that ‘ranks’ products, colleges, or other items
  • Content with little educational value
  • Content that does not align with the content provided on
  • Content that is poorly written

There may be other reasons for a post to be rejected and as posts are rejected, this list will be updated to provide as clear of guidance as possible to respect your time.


If the content submitted is accepted, has the right to edit the article. Most often this is for quality, readability, and consideration to our audience. Any link however, will not be edited without contacting the guest poster first. Links are the first item checked for quality when a guest poster submits.


If you are still interested in providing a guest post, please email with the following:

  • The topic you would like to submit
  • A written statement that the article will be original and will not show on any other site
  • The link you’d like to add (and author link if submitting a full page)
  • The link to the career page you would like to add content to (if not submitting a full page)

If you provide imagery for your article, please ensure has the right to post the image and provide us the copyright information. Showcasing a diverse workforce in imagery is extremely important.

Last, we receive many guest post inquiries. If the inquiry does not include the information needed above and/or the email is poorly written, we will not respond to the email.

Thank you for your interest.