Fast Growth Careers

Fast Growing Careers in America These fast growth careers require..

Fast Growing Careers in America

These fast growth careers require two years or less of education.

Fast Growing Occupations (Less than 1 Year of Education)

These occupations require one year or less of education.

Fast Growing Careers with a Bachelor’s Degree (on up)

  • Physical Therapist: You’ll need to go for your doctorate degree in physical therapy, but physical therapists are enjoying a projected growth rate of 36% and a median salary of $79,860 a year. ★ Find a College
  • Logistician | $56,230 | 22% Growth | ★ Find a College
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologists: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists have a 16% growth rate and earn a median pay of $69,280. However, a psychologist who specializes in industrial-organizational psychology enjoy a 53% growth rate and median pay of $83,580 a year! A few colleges in the country do offer a 4-year degree program. ★ Find a College
  • Interpreters and Translators: You’ll need a bachelor’s degree, but if you know more than one language proficiently, you can become an interpreter/translator. The median salary you can expect is $45,430 a year and this career field has a projected growth rate of 46%.
  • Genetic Counselors: You’ll need a master’s degree, but you can earn $56,800/year at a career that has a 41% growth rate. As a genetic counselor, you will help people evaluate their level of risk for genetic disorders or the level of risk delivering a baby with genetic disorders.

Fastest Growing Jobs by Education Level

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2012-2022, positions requiring master’s degrees are projected to grow the fastest – at 18.4% and many of those are in the medical field. The second fastest job growth by degree is not a bachelor’s degree however, it is for those who have acquired an associate’s degree – at 17.6%. That’s not far behind the 18.4% growth from jobs requiring master’s degrees. The reason for the growth of a 2 year degree is also related to the healthcare industry which has many careers requiring two years of school. For instance, registered nurses only require an associate’s degree and this career field has a high growth rate.

Did you know that some of the fastest growing occupations require only 2 years of college or less and some careers pay over $50,000 a year! For instance, with two-years of education, sonographers make over $60,000 and enjoy an occupational grow of 24%. If you like technology, with just a two-year degree, website developers earn an average of $60,000 a year!

Another really interesting career is surgical technology. With one-to-two years of education, surgical techs earn over $40,000 a year! Make sure to do your homework when selecting a career. Research it’s educational requirements, salary, and projected growth rate to be sure you are in a career field with lots of opportunity!

Information pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.