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Highest Paying Jobs

Want to know what the highest paying jobs are in America? This list is comprised of data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so the data relates to the United States only. If you live in a country other than America, this list may vary.

The top seven jobs are listed as having a wage equal to or greater than $187,200. The best high paying careers are all in the medical field. These high paying jobs require a Doctorate Degree and include:

  1. Surgeons (various)
  2. Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  3. Orthodontists
  4. Anesthesiologists
  5. Internists

The health field has numerous positions that constantly leads in pay and occupational growth rate. The rest of the list of highest paying jobs in America include:

  1. Psychiatrists | $194,740
  2. Family and General Practitioners | $190,490
  3. Chief Executives (first non-medical job on the list) | $181,210
  4. Dentists, all other specialists | $173,000
  5. Pediatricians | $168,990
  6. Nurse Anesthetists | $160,270
  7. Dentists, general | $153,900
  8. Computer and Information Systems Managers | $135,800
  9. Architectural and Engineering Managers | $134,730
  10. Marketing Managers | $131,180
  11. Air Traffic Controllers | $122,530
  12. Petroleum Engineers | $128,230
  13. Airline Pilots | $127,820
  14. Prosthodontists | $126,050

This list was pulled from: bls.gov (link opens in a new tab).

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Highest Paid Careers and Health Care

As you can see from the list of the top 20 highest paid jobs, the list is riddled with careers in the medical field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the fastest growth until 2022 will be in the healthcare, healthcare support, construction, and personal care fields. The BLS also predicts that the medical field is growing faster because of “the long-term trends of an aging population and improved diagnosing and treatment options.” Not only is the medical field one of the fastest-growing industries, it has some of the highest-paying jobs in America.

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