top 10 highest paid careers with an associates degree

Top 10 Highest Paid Careers with an Associate’s Degree

This is a list of the top ten highest-paid careers with an associate’s degree. When you review the list, you’ll notice all careers pay over $60,000 a year with the number one career paying well over $100,000. You’ll need to acquire an associate’s degree to meet the minimum educational requirement, but the pay is great for only two years of school. You’ll also notice the list contains careers in healthcare, engineering, and technology fields. So there’s something on this list for everyone!


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  1. Air Traffic Controllers | $122,400
    Though technically an air traffic controller only requires an associate’s degree, it does have a minimum experience requirement, and gaining entrance into an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program, can be rigorous. Learn more about how to become an air traffic controller.
  2. Radiation Therapists | $80,200
    A radiation therapist carries out radiation procedures which use X-rays to shrink and kill cancer cells, in hopes of eliminating a tumor or affected cells. Learn how to become a radiation therapist.
  3. Nuclear Technicians | $79,100
    A nuclear technician tests for radioactive contamination and levels of radiation in the air, water, ground, and environment (such as nuclear energy plants). Learn how to become a nuclear technician.
  4. Nuclear Medicine Technologists | $74,400
    A nuclear medicine technologist prepares radioactive drugs and administer them to patients in order to create images that cause abnormal areas of the body to appear different from normal images. Learn how to become a nuclear medicine technologist.
  5. Funeral Service Managers | $73,800
    A funeral service manager will ensure a service is carried out and take care of the logistics to arrange the funeral service.
  6. Dental Hygienists | $72,900
    A dental hygienist works with patients during the entire dental process, from beginning to end. This includes cleaning teeth, taking x-rays, applying sealants, and giving oral-care guidance. Learn how to become a dental hygienist.
  7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers | $69,700
    Sonographers are trained in the use of diagnostic imaging technology equipment that helps doctors diagnose and determine patient care and needs faster than ever before. Learn how to become a sonographer.
  8. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists | $68,400
    An MRI technologist runs Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners at hospitals and diagnostic facilities. They also work directly with patients, educating them on what to expect, helping them be comfortable, and also give IV drugs to a patient in order to provide a better contrast on the scanned images. Learn how to become a MRI Technologist.
  9. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians | $68,000
    An aerospace engineer technician tests spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft to ensure they meet compliance requirements. They frequently use simulation tools along with computer-based modeling and processes to maintain and operate the equipment. Learn how to become an aerospace engineering technician.
  10. Web Developers | $66,100
    A website developer designs, creates, and maintains the technical aspects of websites to include tracking the site’s traffic and improving the site’s page load speed. Learn how to become a website developer.

Though these careers are the highest paid careers, be sure to research the growth rate of each career. For example, though a nuclear technologist is on this list, there is very little growth in that career field. Once you discover the growth rate, it’s also beneficial to visit an online job board and search for that position in your area. Ensure your local employers are hiring and be proactive to see what type of skills and experience employers are looking for so you can start working to be the perfect candidate.

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