About Us

YourFreeCareerTest.com was created to assist students and adults in choosing (and researching) careers that match their interests. In order to be student-friendly, the tests on this site are completely free and features include:

  • No registration
  • Printable results
  • Retrievable Results
  • Mobile friendly

No Registration to Take the Test

Adults and colleges take the tests on YourFreeCareerTest, but many school districts also deliver this test. To take a test, a visitor will never have to register or provide their email/name or other identifying information. When a test takers view their results, they can do the following:

  • Print the results using their browser’s File > Print option.
  • Save the results as a PDF using the File > Print > “Save as PDF” option.
  • Write down or copy/paste the unique test results link that is given so it can be accessed later.
  • Use the unique test results link to share their results with others via email/social media/text etc.

Accessing Results

Sometimes we are asked if we can retrieve test results. Because we do not store personal information and do not require registration, we have no way to actually look up a particular person’s results. It’s recommended to save the results two different ways (for example print them and write down the unique test link, write down the unique test link and copy/paste it and email it to yourself or save it as a pdf and write down the unique test link). Most times when asked if we can retrieve someone’s results, it is because the person only emailed it to one email address and the email address had a typo. The worst case scenario, someone may need to take the test again. It takes 2-3 minutes.

Who the tests are for

The tests are helpful for everyone: adults and students. From our statistics, many middle school, high school, colleges, and work force centers use the test. It is also taken by other people around the world.
It is quick (takes less than 3 minutes for many students). The questions are also worded so students with a range of reading levels may take the test (including ESOL students). Those using screen readers or keyboards can take the free career test. These free online career tests are also accessible on tablets and iPads, not to mention smart phones.

How was the Career Test Created?

This is not a psychological test. Nor are these tests an indication whether an individual would excel in the areas indicated on the test. These are interest-based tests and a wonderful way for people to discover their likes and dislikes and contemplate what they may want to do in the future. Like other tests, it uses an algorithm to match question responses to test categories. There are multiple questions that relate to any given category.

We use many resources to create content on the site, but we mainly use resources from the U.S. government, educational sites, and organizations. We especially use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net Online, and Career One Stop.


The advertising on this site student-friendly and many inquiries are turned away to retain the integrity of the site for our users. There is advertising we allowed on YourFreeCareerTest.com and it matches users to colleges. Information is only provided to a user if they request college information via a form. This is displayed via Find a Program button (see directly below for an example) and a widget that matches interested users with colleges. An example of the widget is on this page and labeled “Get your Degree” so you can view an example.

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