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Disclaimer: Before you start the test, please consider the following: the test results are provided to you for the purpose of discovering your interests, your likes and dislikes and contemplating on what you may want to do in the future. Our tests are not psychological tests, nor do they indicate that you excel in a certain field of interest. Our tests do not amount to professional career advice. Our terms of use contain a disclaimer.


Live in a small or mid-sized populated location.


Attend a school with sports teams I can root for.


Attend a school with a rigorous academic curriculum.


Major in a degree in science, technology, engineering, and/or math.


Attend a trade vocational school.


Attend college near my home (or in state).


Attend college completely online.


Attend a school with an ROTC program.


Graduating without a lot of college debt.


Attend a school with smaller class sizes.


Attend a school with sports programs (recreational or competitive).


Attend a school with a focus on academics over everything else.


Attend a school with excellent science, technology, engineering, and/or math departments.


Get an education in 2 years or less.


Not have to relocate (or relocate far) to go to school.


Explore new places and people.


Take some (or all) of my classes online.


Join the military (during or after college).


Graduate without a lot of college debt.


Attend a smaller college campus.


A school with year-round athletic activities is important to me.


Attend a school that people nationwide have heard of.


Be around other students interested in science, technology, engineering, and/or math.


Spend more time doing hands-on projects then book work.


Attend school in my home state.


Travel to new places and see new things.


Work full-time while going to college.


Explore military career opportunities.


Go to an affordable school.


Not taking out student loans to pay for school.

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FAQs about the Test

This free college search test does not require any personal information or registration. Your results are immediate and you will even receive a unique code to access the results at a later time in the next 12 months. Alternately, you will be able to share your results with family and friends via social media and other platforms. This college search test is a useful tool to help you discover the right college setting for you. For example, do you prefer an online experience or in person. Or, do you think you’d like a small school or a large university? By answering these questions, your responses will be analyzed against 10 categories. The categories include your level of interest in the importance of the following factors:

  • Online
  • Location
  • STEM
  • Close to Home
  • Athletics
  • Trade
  • Affordability
  • Academic
  • ROTC
  • Small or Mid-Sized

After you’ve completed the college search test, take our free career test to continue your research. You can also use the search toll on CollegeSearch to look up more information about a school. Researching colleges before making a decision is crucial. It ensures that you find the right fit academically, socially, and financially. By exploring factors like location, programs, campus culture, and affordability, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your goals and values. College research helps you identify schools that offer the best opportunities for your chosen field of study and career aspirations. It also minimizes the risk of making a hasty decision that may lead to dissatisfaction or financial strain. Ultimately, investing time in research is an investment in your future educational and personal success.