Free Career Tests, Job Quiz, and Volunteer Match We offer..

Free Career Tests, Job Quiz, and Volunteer Match

We offer free, student-friendly career tests, a job quiz, and volunteer match test. The career tests are helpful for adults of any age as well. We do not require registration to take any of the free career tests or job quiz. All of our tests allow users to email their results to up to three people, however, we do not store the name or email addresses. An automatic script emails the test result link so emails and names are not stored in any database.

After completing the tests, the user can email their results or print the results. The user can also copy a shareable link as well. We do not store the names or email addresses as students and school districts use the tests. If a user has a typo in an email address and did not print the test results, we have no identifiable way to look up the test. The person will need retake the test.

Career Test (on the home page)

If you’re just starting to explore your career interests, this career test is the place to start. Also located on our home page because of it’s usefulness. This career test takes about 2-3 minutes to complete and you will receive your career test results indicating what careers you may be most interested in. This test is useful for adults and students.

Health Career Test

If you are interested in the health field and not sure what speciality you might be most interested, this health career test is helpful. Discover your medical career interest in such categories as: Patient Care, Public Health, Dental Care, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Administrative, Optical, Auditory, Alternative Medicine, Well-Being, Diagnostic, Rehabilitation, and Surgery.

Job Quiz

This job quiz is not meant to point you in the right direction of your dream career per say. However, if you’re in high school and looking for a summer job, looking for part-time work to supplement your income while in college, or you’re an adult just looking for a side job, the Job Quiz matches entry level positions that require little to no experience with your interests.

College Search Test

For those students and adults who need to figure out where to go to college, this college search test is for you. This test does not tell you the specific college to attend; it does help you narrow down what’s important to you in a college and what to look for.

Volunteer Match Test

This volunteer match test is for those looking for volunteer opportunities that match their interest. We all can’t be in 10 places at the same time, so if you’re going to volunteer, find the right match for you.