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No Registration Required

YourFreeCareerTest has comprehensive free career interest tests that are useful for adults to students. You will not be asked to register and share any personal information in order to take a test. If you are asked to share your personal information to take a career test, you are not on our website and the test is not affiliated with YourFreeCareerTest. A username or password is not required to take the career test and your personal information is also not needed to ‘unlock’ additional information in your results.

Once you take one of our career tests, you do have the opportunity to match yourself with an educational institution and you will be sent informative materials. If you would like more information about a school or program, you will need to add your personal information so you can be sent information.

It’s Free (with no Hidden Fees)

The career tests, your test results, and all content on this site is free. This includes any teacher resources and free printable worksheets as well. There is no fee of any kind to obtain your results or to unlock any part of your results. Again, if you or someone you knew took a test that required payment of any kind, the test was not from YourFreeCareerTest. No registration and no fees is just one way we make this student-friendly and accessible to all.

It’s Accessible

These tests are also accessible in many ways. This site is accessible for the differing-abled. Those using screen readers or other assistive technology can take the career tests and gain the results. We are also open to feedback. If you are a user who finds an aspect of this site that is not accessible, please email [email protected].

Another way this site is accessible is by being mobile-friendly. You can access the content of this site and take the tests from a smartphone. We also developed the career tests to load quickly so those with slower internet access or data plans can participate.

We also have free career and college worksheets that you can print out for students. Many of our career pages provide a Teacher and Student Resources section toward the bottom of the page. This section lists free student resources we found such as courses, activities, worksheets, or websites that your students may enjoy.

Career Test Translations

As of 2020, major website browsers (such as Google Chrome) offer built-in language translation. This has made the free career tests more accessible to all.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Choose a Free Career Test

All of the following free career tests for students and adults will show you results after submitting your questions. The career tests take about 2 and 3 minutes to complete.

The Free Career Test (our flagship test)

career test free students teens

Our flagship career test offered on our home page was the first career test developed in 2012 for students and adults. If you are not sure what career industry you are interested in or want to make sure you are considering all your options, start with this career test.

This test will calculate your responses against 15 broad career categories and then provide you with your interest level in all of them. This test is also unique as it’s our only test that asks you additional questions that will also provide your ideal work environment.

The following free career tests help you narrow down your interests in specific broad career categories. It may be helpful to take our Free Career Test above (our flagship test) to ensure you are considering all of your career interests first. Then, take one of the more specific free career tests below.

Health Career Test

free health career test

Are you interested in the health field but not sure what medical profession to choose?

Our free Health Career Test for students and adults will ask you questions and calculates your responses to determine your interest level in 11 broad medical career categories. Our health career test should take you 2-3 minutes to complete.

Technology Career Test

free IT career test technology test

Whether you are an adult or student looking to explore a career in Information Technology (IT), our free technology career test will help you narrow down your options.

You’ll answer questions that correlate to 7 broad career categories in IT and your career test results will show an interest score in each of those 7 technology career fields. This test should take you 2-3 minutes to complete.

Art Career Test

free art career test for students and adults

Our free art career test will ask you questions and will analyze your responses against 9 broad career categories in the art field. Your art career test results will show you just how interested you are in each of those 9 art categories.

Business Career Test

free business career test for teenagers middle school high school and college students

If you are interested in a business career, our business career test will ask you questions that will analyze your responses against 9 career categories. Then, your test results will provide your interest level in each category.

Trade Career Test

trade school career test free students adults

The trade career test is for you if you are interested in a career that requires two-years or less of education. It will analyze you questions against 14 broad career categories that offers careers requiring 2 years or less of school. Your test results will also show your interest level in each career field.

Job Quiz

free job quiz test

This free job quiz differs from our free career test in that it’s not meant to point you in the right direction of your dream career. However, if you’re in high school student or an adult and looking for part-time work that requires little to no experience, this free job quiz will match you to jobs that you may be interested in.

College Search Test

college search test find a college

For students and adults researching colleges, this free college search test will help. This test asks you questions to help you discover your ideal environment.

This college search test does not tell you the specific college to attend. However, it does help narrow down what’s important to you in a college and what to look for.

Volunteer Match Test

Our free volunteer test matches your interests with volunteer opportunities to consider. We all can’t be in 10 places at the same time. If you’re going to volunteer, find the right match for you. Whether you are an adult or a student, there are options you can consider to help your community.

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