Actors interpret and portray a character from a writer's script..


What does a Actor do?

Median Pay $18.70 per hour
Growth Rate 10%
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Actors interpret and portray a character from a writer’s script to entertain an audience in television, film, theater, and other performing art venues. They work in several areas such as: theme parks, production studios, theaters, or at a specific filming location.

Most actors have other employment in addition to acting consequently acting jobs can be far and few between. This career can be stressful as one is frequently trying to find work in the acting profession, though some actors find jobs in a touring company that can last several years. Actors working hours varies pending on whom they are employed by. At times they the hours can be irregular and extensive.

How to Become an Actor

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Though there is no formal education requirements, most actors have some formal training or education. Students take college courses in filmmaking or drama and may take music or dance to further their talents. State colleges, universities, community colleges, acting conservatories, and private film classes usually offer these courses. Actors may also gain preparation through theater arts programs or theater companies. Acting skills can take numerous years of training and many start at an early stage to develop these skills. Some actors even choose to earn a bachelors degree in drama or related fine arts program to enhance their abilities and credentials.

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Job Description of an Actor

An actor has the job of meeting agents or other professionals and reading scripts. They prepare to audition for a role in the presence of casting and film directors and producers. They must do research on a character and their personal traits and circumstances in order to portray the character as authentically as possible in a way that appeals to the audience.

He or she must memorize lines sometimes at great length. Actors rehearse their lines and performances with others in front of a camera or on stage. They must follow a director’s directions and some actors may need to learn a new skill for a part like dancing, stage fighting, or horseback riding.

Some actors do voiceover or narration work for animated features or audiobooks. An actor needs the skills of creativity, memorization, reading, and speaking. They should be persistent and have physical stamina.

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