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What does a Administrative Services Manager do?

An administrative services manager typically supervise activities and maintain the facilities of an organization to include office upkeep, record keeping, distributing supplies, and mail distribution that allow organizations to operate efficiently. They plan, direct, and coordinate supportive services of the organization.

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How to Become an Administrative Services Manager

Administration services managers would normally need to hold a bachelor’s degree with studies in information management, engineering, business, or facility management. It is possible to enter this occupation with a high school diploma. However, you would need to have background experience that reflects managerial and leadership qualities in the areas pertinent to the organization’s needs. The International Facility Management Association offers certifications and other educational opportunities that could make your application more appealing to employers.

Job Description of an Administration Services Manager

An administration services manager typically buys, stores, and distributes supplies. They would supervise other administrative staff and set goals and deadlines for their department. They would also develop, manage, and monitor records or recommend changes to policy or procedures to improve operations.

An administration services manager plans budgeting for supplies, contracts and equipment. They oversee the maintenance and repair of machinery, electrical and mechanical equipment, and equipment. They are responsible for ensuring the facilities meet security, health, and environmental standards as well as complying with any government regulations. They also maintain safety and security and keeps the facility well maintained. The variety of duties for an administration service manager depends on the type manager they are such as contract administrator, facility manager, or records and information manager.

Accountant Job Posting

Let’s look at a job description posted by the Department of Commerce. This job announcement is looking for a person to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Be responsible for supervising and managing the personnel, payroll, supply requisitioning, and other administrative activities.
  • Supervise the daily processing of payroll, personnel, and other administrative documents.
  • Form and maintain effective relationships with peers, subordinates, management, and other Regional Census Center employees.
  • Identify and resolve problems and clearly communicate the action associated with the encountered problems.
  • Prepare, review, and analyze staffing and payroll reports and assure the administrative operations are conducted within prescribed time schedules.
  • Oversee payroll and personnel activities, helps maintain the flow and quality of work to meet deadlines.
  • Request the approval of supply and material equipment as needed to ensure continuity of office operations.
  • Assist in setting up and closing the office, assuring minimal waste of excess supplies and equipment.

This position was posted to run 12/27/2018 until 01/10/2019 with a wage of $35 per hour on (link opens in a new tab). is an official website of the United States government and part of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

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Administrative Services Manager Career Video Transcript

Every organization needs the appropriate facilities, services, and supplies to do its work and keep operations running. Administrative services managers make sure everything their organization needs is in place ahead of time. While positions at smaller organizations may include oversight of all aspects of administration, including supervision of administrative staff. In larger organizations, their duties tend to be more specialized. Many administrative service managers oversee the maintenance of buildings, grounds, and environmental practices. Others supervise activities that include record-keeping, mail distribution, printing and copying, as well as office upkeep.

Administrative services managers also plan for maintenance and the future replacement of equipment, such as computers. They may recommend buying new or different equipment and supplies to lower energy costs or improve indoor air quality. Typically administrative services managers work full time, in organizations such as school districts, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. They may leave the office to inspect facilities and supervise maintenance activities.

Candidates for this field generally need a bachelor’s degree and related work experience that shows management and leadership ability. For some positions, a high school diploma and significant work experience in roles such as facility management, or technical positions, may be enough.

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