Artists that make a living from their art may create..


What does a Artist do?

Median Pay $48,780
Growth Rate 2%
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Artists that make a living from their art may create pieces for exhibitions, art galleries, or online stores. There are many fields that artists also work in, such as graphic design, fashion design, illustration, advertising, and stage design. Because of this, many artists work with a variety of mediums and some of them may use computers to create their works of art.

How to Become an Artist


A formal education is not required to work as a craft and fine artist. However, many fine artists further their education by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine arts. Courses an artist may take include art history, studio art, and core subjects such as social science, english, and natural science.

Independent schools of design and art may also offer offer certifications in an art-related specialty and also have associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) in 2013 accredited about 330 schools and colleges with programs in design and art.

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Job Description of an Artist

Craft and fine artists use different techniques to create art, such as weaving, painting, glass blowing, or sculpting. They strive to develop new methods or ideas for making art. They may use live people or objects as reference to work from and guide their work. They also select the appropriate materials to use.

Visual elements like space, color, composition, and perspective is used to get the creative effect artists wish to convey. They also need to develop and update their portfolios often to showcase their artistic ability, style, and talent. This may also include an online portfolio of their work.

Much of an artists time is spent making a reputation for themselves and trying to promote their art. Only the most successful artist is able to support themselves on their art work. Many artist have other jobs. An artist may find employment with museums or art galleries. Others may teach art in schools or workshops.


You can check out accredited art institutions via the National Association of Schools of Art and Design ( website (link opens in a new browser).

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