Assembler and Fabricator

Assemblers and fabricators work assemble finished products that go into..

Assembler and Fabricator

What does a Assembler and Fabricator do?

Median Pay $30,930
Growth Rate -1%
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Assemblers and fabricators work assemble finished products that go into manufactured products. They also perform quality checks for mistakes or faulty components in the assembly process. The majority of assemblers and fabricators work in manufacturing plants which may require long periods of time sitting or standing.

How to Become an Assembler and Fabricator

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The type of industry you works in may impact the education and qualifications level requirements to be an assembler and fabricator. For example, aerospace and defense industries or other more specialized jobs may require certification in soldering. Most often though, a high school diploma or the equivalent is sufficient. For more advanced assembly work, additional training and experience would be needed.

Workers are typically trained on-the-job. Positions that work with aircraft and motor vehicle products, electrical, or electronic manufactures usually need more formal education from a technical school. Some employers may ask for an associate’s degree for more skilled assembler and fabrication jobs.

Job Description of an Assembler and Fabricator

Assemblers and fabricators can read and understand blueprints and schematics. They use various hand tools or machines to assemble parts and check for quality. Some assemblers and fabricators use computers, robots, programmable motion-control devices, and sensing technologies. Also, some assemblers and fabricators work with a team of people while others specialize in one type of product.

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