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What does a Auto Glass Repairer do?

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Auto glass repairers replace window glass and windshields and examines damaged windshields. In addition, these professionals stabilize chips and cracks and may also remove glass is irreparable. In addition, they apply urethane sealant to the windshield’s frame and install replacement glass. Watch a video to learn more.

How to Become an Automotive Glass Repairer

Automotive body and glass repairers typically need a combination of a high school diploma and experience or completion of a formal training program in automotive or glass repair from a trade school or a community college. These programs will give you hands-on experience and technical instruction. Though, certification is not required, earning a certification can show employers you are knowledgeable and this may give you a higher starting wage.

Job Description of an Automotive Glass Repairer

auto glass repair

Auto glass repairers, often called windshield technicians, have busy days taking care of car windows. They begin by inspecting damaged glass and figuring out if it can be fixed or needs replacing. These professionals also use special tools to fix small cracks and chips, making sure they won’t spread. Alternately, if a window is too broken beyond repair, they replace it with a new one, making sure it fits perfectly.

Safety is essential, so they double-check their work to ensure windows are secure. Though they mainly work out of sight from customers, they may interact with customers to explain the repairs and any costs involved, making sure everyone’s happy and safe on the road.

Automotive Glass Repairer Career Video Transcript

When you need the help of an automotive glass installer and repairer, it’s usually urgent! Whether due to theft or an accident, a broken car window makes your transportation and “home away from home” vulnerable to rain, snow, cold, and criminal intent. The ability to fix this problem quickly and efficiently is a specialized skill in the field of auto repair. Glass installers carefully remove broken, cracked, or pitted windshields and window glass. Then they prepare the edges of the replacement glass using a moisture-proofing compound. To finish, they place the glass into the vehicle and install rubber strips around the sides of the windshield or window to make it secure and weatherproof.

For less-damaged windshields, they may just patch small chips or cracks. Training for this field may be available on-the-job at a small auto body repair shop, or you can enroll in a collision repair program at a trade or technical school or community college. Industry certification may be required by some employers, and will likely bring higher pay. To advance in this field or run your own shop, you’ll need good reading, basic math, and computer skills. You will also need patience and precision to get the job done right, and send your customer safely on their way.

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