What does a Biomass Plant Technician do?

Median Pay $56,330
Growth Rate 2%
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A biomass plant technician works to maintain the equipment at a biomass plant. A biomass power plant will product electricity by burning biomass such as wood, waste and/or sewage, or even plants. These technicians may also have other titles, some of which include auxiliary operator, biomass facilitator, and control room operator.

How to Become a Biomass Plant Technician

become a biomass plant technician

According to O*NET OnLine, over 60% of the biomass plant technicians surveyed held a high school diploma and close to 25% had earned a post-secondary certification after high school. Less than 10% had taken some college classes. Though a college degree is not necessary, you must be mechanically skilled. You would also need to be computer savvy in order to use programs such as Microsoft Office.

During your on-the-job training, you would also learn the safety processes you must follow and what actions to take in case of an emergency.

Job Description of a Biomass Plant Technician

Biomass plant technicians may operate equipment at a power plant, such as boilers, generators, and gasification equipment. They are also responsible to inspect equipment to ensure it is operating safely report any issues they find. Pending their specific duties and experience, a technician may have knowledge to maintain or fix equipment. Other daily duties would include ensuring their work area is kept clean and compliant with safety regulations. They may also inspect or measure the biomass material the plant is converting to energy.

Free Teacher and Student Resources

Wageningen University and Research offers a free course on the Transition from Fossil Resources to Biomass on EdX.org (opens in a new tab). This course provides a basic overview of consumer science, business, logistics, supply chain, and economic principles that are essential for a successful transition from fossil resources to renewable biomass resources in a bio-based economy.

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