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  • what does a nurse anesthetist do

    Nurse Anesthetist

    A nurse anesthetist is an advanced-practice nurse who deals with anesthetics. A nurse anesthetic is commonly certified in anesthesia. A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is a significant member of the health care team. A certified registered nurse anesthetist is different from an anesthesiologist. While certified registered nurse anesthetists are graduate degree-level nurses, anesthesiologists are […]

  • what does a credit analyst do

    Credit Analyst

    A credit analyst reviews the financial picture of an individual or business to determine what the level of risk is when lending money. They may also help determine if the amount the individual or business requests can be reduced to become a less risky loan. They often work on the computer and use software programs […]

  • what does a meter reader do

    Meter Reader

    A meter reader is sent to gather data for meters that cannot automatically, electronically report back their usage data to a company. Most meter readers enter usage data into a handheld computer device and also ensure the meter is in good working order. For any meters that seem damaged, they would report the issue. They […]

  • Geologist

    A geologist tries to understand the Earth and many specialize in various areas of geology. They may spend time in the field collecting samples of the Earth and creating geological maps of the area they are assessing. They might also work in a lab, analyzing samples collected and using specialized geographic software to study the […]

  • what does the treasurer of the united states do

    Treasurer of the United States

    According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, “the Treasurer of the United States has direct oversight over the U.S. Mint, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and Fort Knox and is a key liaison with the Federal Reserve. In addition, the Treasurer serves as a senior advisor to the Secretary in the areas of […]

  • what does an urban planner do

    Urban Planner

    An urban planner, also called an urban and regional planner, creates a vision and then crafts a plan to improve an urban environment to fit the needs of the population. They can provide this service for large cities to smaller towns. They consider community needs such as transportation, recreation, historical preservation, and items brought up […]

  • what does a rare book conservator do

    Rare Book Conservator

    According to the American Library Association, conservation is “an interdisciplinary field involving studio practices, sciences, and the humanities” and a rare book conservator uses these various disciplines to preserve rare books and manuscripts. Their main goal is to use preservation techniques to preserve and attempt to stop erosion on the items they are working with. […]

  • how to become president of the united states

    President of the U.S.

    Curious how to become President of the United States? There are a few requirements that must be met to even run for office. Next, there is a rigorous set of steps a potential candidate must complete in order to run as a party’s candidate. There is no minimum educational requirement that must be met in […]

  • what does a janitor do


    A janitor can work in a variety of settings from schools, hospitals, large corporations, or business offices. Their duties can range as well from light janitorial services to fixing smaller facilities items when needed. A janitor is responsible in keeping the work space clean and safe for all staff and visitors. Watch a Video: How […]

  • what does a travel agent do

    Travel Agent

    A travel agent listen’s to their customer’s travel preferences and then works to book a tailored travel plan that fits their needs. They consider their client’s ideal travel dates, method of travel, and what they are hoping to see and do on their trip. Watch a Video: How to Become a Travel Agent At a […]

  • what does an executive secretary do

    Executive Secretary

    An executive secretary may also hold the title of executive administrative assistant. These secretaries are highly skilled administrative workers who are experienced reviewing information, crafting reports, booking travel, scheduling meetings, and may even supervise other administrative staff. These assistants can be a life line for their executive so they can more efficiently do their job […]

  • what does a fitness coordinator do

    Fitness Coordinator

    A fitness coordinator coordinates the fitness and wellness programs to meet the goals of their employer. These coordinators may also collaborate with other wellness professionals such as health educators, wellness specialists, or fitness instructors to ensure they are providing a well-rounded program. Some fitness coordinators may also supervise and train other wellness professionals. Watch a […]

  • what does a survey researcher do

    Survey Researcher

    A survey researcher creates surveys and analyzes the data in order to provide useful information businesses can be decisions from. They must be skilled in crafting the right questions and giving the survey to the right populations in order to provide a survey with valid, accurate data. Watch a Video: How to Become a Survey […]

  • what does a distance learning coordinator do

    Distance Learning Coordinator

    A distance learning coordinator ensures an educational program that teachers their learners completely online runs smoothly. To do this, they may help instructors with material that must be delivered online. They may also help mentor new faculty who may be new to online learning so they may run an effective class. Watch a Video: Find […]

  • what does a fish and game warden do

    Fish and Game Warden

    A fish and game warden protects wildlife and their habitat. They do this by patrolling a designated area that is being protected, ensure rules and regulations are enforced, and handle any violations that may occur. They would also investigate any evidence of wrong doing to the environment and wildlife in the area. Watch a Video: […]

  • what does a pesticide handler do

    Pesticide Handler

    A pesticide handler has to work with numerous chemicals by mixing and applying them to various surfaces indoors and outdoors. They apply these chemicals various ways through sprays, liquid applications, dust, and pellets. They may work to provide protection to homes, businesses, and outdoor shrubbery or crops. Watch a Video: How to Become a Pesticide […]

  • what does a material mover and laborer do

    Material Mover Laborer

    A material mover and hand laborer helps their employer move products from one location to another. Or, in the case of a car wash operator, they are a ‘hand laborer’ needed to accomplish manual labor tasks. Either way, the most significant aspect of a material mover and hand laborer job is manual labor. Employers hire […]

  • what does a naturopathic doctor do

    Naturopathic Doctor

    A naturopathic doctor is a medically trained primary care doctor who has graduated from a 4-year naturopathic medical school. They work with patients in all facets of family health to identify the fundamental causes of disease and offer evidence informed therapies to help ease the body’s ability to restore and maintain optimal health. Watch a […]

  • what does a prosthodontist do


    Among the 9 recognized dental specialties by the American Dental Association, a prosthodontist focuses on repairing damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth with artificial devices such as dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Although lots of traditional dentists can provide these services too, prosthodontists have extensive experience working on delicate dental cases that need […]

  • what does a brownfield redevelopment specialist do

    Brownfield Redevelopment Specialist

    A ‘brownfield’ is a property that can be reused once once hazardous materials and pollutants are removed. A brownfield redevelopment specialist is the person assigned to assess the condition of the site and determine what steps must take place in order to rehabilitate the site to remove those hazardous conditions that make it inhospitable. According […]

  • what does a chief sustainability officer do

    Sustainability Officer

    A chief sustainability officer has the primary responsibility to address sustainability efforts and issues for a company. These executives oversee the entire sustainability strategy of a company. The United Nations defines sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Watch […]

  • what does a farm product buyer do

    Farm Product Buyer

    A farm product buyer and purchaser concentrates on buying farm products to resale. They may even be interested in purchasing any biproducts made at the farm that can be used to create an entirely new product. Buyers and purchasing agents can work to buy grain, fruit, tobacco, and even trees! Watch a Video: How to […]

  • What does an Ophthalmic Medical Technologist do

    Ophthalmic Medical Technician

    An ophthalmic medical technician works at eye clinics and conducts eye exams, gives eye medications, and educates patients on the right way to wear contacts and also how to care for eye glasses or contacts. Helping with these tasks around the office allows the ophthalmologists to see more patients. Watch a Video: How to Become […]

  • what does an MRI technologist do

    MRI Technologist

    An MRI technologist runs Magnetic Reconance Imaging (MRI) scanners at hospitals and diagnostic facilities. They also work directly with patients, educating them on what to expect, helping them be comfortable, and also give IV drugs to a patient in order to provide a better contrast on the scanned images. Watch a Video: How to Become […]

  • what does a fishing worker do

    Fishing Worker

    Fishing workers locate, trap, and catch a variety of aquatic life which are used for bait, food, and other uses. They may work in deep or shallow water and fish for long days at sea or shorter durations depending on what they are gathering. Watch a Video: How to Become a Fishing Worker Although a […]

  • what does an orthodontist do


    An orthodontist helps individuals with crooked teeth or improper bites. In severe cases, correcting these issues can even help people with basic tasks such as chewing. Helping people to improve the alignment of their teeth can also improve their smile and increase confidence. On any given day, they see patients that they must treat, either […]

  • Informatics Nurse Specialist

    An informatics nurse specialist is vital in supporting healthcare companies with evaluating and implementing new technology for the organization. They may also participate in the design and development process of the technology to ensure it meets the end-users needs. These specialists also help in analyzing data to improve patient outcomes and improve the nursing services […]

  • what does a substance abuse social worker do

    Substance Abuse Social Worker

    A substance abuse social worker will counsel a person or group of people that are overcoming substance abuse addiction. They also help these individuals overcome the challenges associated with addition, such as unemployment or other illnesses. In general, these social workers help individuals to get back on their feet and stay sober. Watch a Video: […]

  • what does a clinical research coordinator do

    Clinical Research Coordinator

    The clinical research coordinator (CRC) coordinates and administers clinical trials under the instruction and supervision of a clinical research manager, the principal investigator, and medical director following good clinical practice guidelines. The CRC works at a clinical research site with study subjects and formulates, implements, and organizes research and managerial processes to ensure the successful […]

  • what does an animal control worker do

    Animal Control Worker

    An animal control worker helps to capture animals that may harm themselves or harm others. These would include stray or abandoned animals, animals that are mistreated and abused, and even wild animals that end up wandering outside of their natural habitat and into a populated area. They may use a variety of methods to capture […]

  • what does a nurse midwife do


    A midwife is involved in many aspects of a woman’s pregnancy by assisting with her care throughout her pregnancy. They have formal, specialized graduate training in women’s reproductive health and childbirth. They provide wellness exams, medical care, and education to woman who are expecting. Watch a Video: Find a College How to Become a Midwife […]

  • what does a dry cleaning worker do

    Dry Cleaning Worker

    A dry cleaning worker manages and operates cleaning machines to wash or dry clean industrial, private, or household articles. These articles include specialized clothing or articles like suede, leather, furs, linens, bed coverings, and even rugs. These items usually cannot be cleaned by a standard washer and dryer. Watch a Video: How to Become a […]

  • what do farm labor contractors do

    Farm Labor Contractor

    Farming is a seasonal industry and requires various needs at different times of the year. A farm labor contractor helps a farm with their varied staffing needs throughout the year. This also requires the labor contractor to recruit and advertise positions so they have people readily available that want to work at any notice. Watch […]

  • what does a biomass power plant manager do

    Biomass Power Plant Manager

    A biomass power plant is one that burns a biomass resource (such as scrap wood, select crops, or even manure) to make steam that can run a turbine and produce electricity. This organic material is generally left over resources that can be repurposed to make electricity. Interestingly, some coal power stations have converted to using […]

  • what does a geothermal production manager do

    Geothermal Production Manager

    A geothermal production manager is responsible to run operations at a power generation facility such as a power plant. They ensure the plant is staffed accordingly and all staff are properly trained. They supervise workers as well and ensure they follow safety procedures and complete daily maintenance on equipment. Geothermal production managers may also be […]

  • Paving Surfacing Tamping Equipment Operator

    Paving Equipment Operator

    A paving equipment operator is also known as a paving, surfacing, and tamping equipment operator. These workers are skilled at operating the equipment necessary to complete construction on roads, runways, or other type area that needs ground covering. They may work to lay, spread, and even out concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt, and other material. Watch […]

  • what does an insulation worker do

    Insulation Worker

    Insulator workers (or insulators) are a vital part of the construction process as they install the material that prevents structures from loosing heat or air conditioning. Insulation also helps with the sound proofing of a structure as well. They would know how to read blueprints in order to ensure they properly install the right material […]

  • what does a logging worker do

    Logging Worker

    Logging workers harvest trees so the wood and other raw material can be used to make everyday products. This can be dangerous work as logging workers may find themselves cutting down trees and moving the timber from one location to another, so safety is extremely important in this industry. Watch a Video: How to Become […]

  • what does a concierge do


    A concierge assists customers to make the most of their stay at a location by assisting them to book shows, make dining reservations, or even arranging transportation. They may also offer advice on things to do in the area, places to eat, and the best way to get around. They are mostly found at nice […]

  • what does an athlete do


    Athletes and sports competitors play in organized and officiated sports teams nationally or internationally, this can include a variety of sports such as basketball, baseball, weight lifting, tennis, golf, swimming, football, just to name a few. Many dream of becoming paid professional athletes, but in reality, only and few beat the odds to make a […]

  • what does a green marketer do

    Green Marketer

    Just like other marketing positions, someone that markets green products or services would analyze market trends and use marketing techniques to promote and sell the item or service they represent. Some of these positions would be found in solar energy companies, products made from recycled materials, or even green cleaning products. They may also sell […]

  • what does a solar installer do

    Solar Installer

    A solar installer, which is also called a PV installer (which stands for photovoltaic), install and maintain solar panels on people’s homes, businesses, or on land. These installers would also be responsible to ground any necessary equipment and ensure safety standards and code are met. Most of the work would be outdoors and often requires […]

  • what does a pharmacy aide do

    Pharmacy Aide

    A pharmacy aide assists a pharmacy by performing tasks such as running a cash register and accepting orders for prescriptions in need to be filled. Though they would help with inventory and stocking merchandise, they are not qualified to fill prescriptions. They may answer the phone and answer client’s non-clinical questions as well. Watch a […]

  • what does a human service assistant do

    Human Service Assistants

    A human service assistant provides support in social work, psychology, or rehabilitation to individuals and families. Their responsibility is to act as an assistant to a social worker and the position is considered an entry level opportunity. The goal of a professional in this role is to resolve client’s problems that includes substance abuse, repair […]

  • what does a painter do

    Construction Painter

    A painter would prepare surfaces for paint, paint the surface evenly with the appropriate amount of coats, and follow any safety guidelines set by their employer. Some painting projects would require a worker to be high off the ground, so safety equipment may be necessary. Watch a Video: How to Become a Painter You would […]

  • what is BIM modeling software

    An Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    An Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) Building Information Modeling (BIM) is fast becoming a well-known norm in many industries. While it is best known for its advantages in architecture and building design, it is also fast becoming an essential and widely used tool in engineering application. So, what is BIM, where did it come […]

  • what does a host or hostess do

    Host or Hostess

    A host or hostess greets restaurant guests as they arrive to dine and seats directs them to their table. They would also consider the most appropriate table based on each server’s workload to ensure the guests have a pleasant experience and the wait staff do not get overwhelmed. Watch a Video: Find a College How […]

  • become a civil engineer

    Civil Engineer at a Civil Contracting Company

    Are you looking to become a civil engineer and not sure of the potential job prospects? One potential position is to become a civil engineer at a civil contracting company. But what’s involved in the job? You might not notice it, but it’s likely you’ll see civil contracting companies at work throughout your local community […]

  • what does a cafeteria do

    Cafeteria Cook

    A cafeteria cook prepares large quantities of food in a cafeteria setting. This may include working at schools, hospitals, and could include food providers with buffet style serving. They may work with kitchen appliances that can handle large portions of food. They should also be very familiar with food storage and sanitation best practices. Watch […]

  • what does a cook do


    Though you may know that a cook prepares dishes at restaurants, they also have additional responsibilities and knowledge in food sanitation and safety. Cooks must also learn a variety of items to cook as they generally assist to cook every item on their restaurants menu. When they change employers, they would need to learn an […]