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  • accountant


    Accountants and auditors have a very important place in the business industry. They examine and analyze companies, corporations, and businesses’ financial records for accuracy as well as oversee that taxes are paid to date and on time. How to Become an Accountant Accountants must earn a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or a related field. […]

  • actuary


    What does an Actuary do? An actuary analyzes companies risk of financial costs and test the probability of an event that may affect an organizations financial security. They play a key role in the insurance industry and other businesses by reducing potential risk and instability. Actuaries use statistics, math, and financial theory to predict these […]

  • administrative services manager

    Administrative Services Manager

    Administration service managers typically supervise activities and maintain the facilities of an organization to include office upkeep, record keeping, distributing supplies, and mail distribution that allow organizations to operate efficiently. They plan, direct, and coordinate supportive services of the organization. How to Become an Administration Service Manager Administration service managers would normally need to hold […]

  • advertising manager

    Advertising Manager

    An advertising or promotions manager creates an advertising plan to create as much interest as possible for a product or service. They also determine the best method to delivery the information to their intended demographic, whether that be through tv commercials, online advertisements, billboards, or other mediums. Advertising and promotions managers would work with or […]

  • advertising sales

    Advertising Sales Agent

    Advertising sales agents sell advertising to businesses by making sales presentations, contacting clients, and maintaining customer accounts. They work in a variety of industries such as internet publishing, radio, television, and advertising agencies. They must meet sales quotas and may spend much of their time traveling to visit prospective clients to make sure they are […]

  • agricultural manager

    Agricultural Manager

    An agricultural manager works very closely with farmers. Their primary duty is to coordinate crop production for corporations, cooperatives, or other owners. They manage and evaluate agricultural factors such as disease, market conditions, soil conditions, weather, production needs, and sometimes even federal programs that are available. How to Become an Agricultural Manager Agricultural managers usually […]

  • appraiser


    An appraiser determines the value of property, such as automobile, real estate, or personal claims. They are usually called when one reports damage, injury, or decreased coverage or when buying or selling merchandise or property. The primary goal is to provide monetary value to merchandise, damage, property, or compensation for clients or companies. Common areas […]

  • brokerage clerk

    Brokerage Clerk

    A brokerage clerk handles the many various aspects of the sales, purchases, or holding of securities, to include market fluctuations, documenting security transactions, or monitoring daily stock prices. They also compute transfer taxes and keep records of daily holdings and transactions. Watch a Video: How to Become a Brokerage Clerk According to O*Net Online, 38% […]

  • budget analyst

    Budget Analyst

    A Budget analyst organizes the finances of private and public institutions by monitoring spending and preparing budget reports. They analyze data to determine benefits and costs of recommended funding levels and other programs. Budget analyst then provide this information to top executives and elected officials of these institutions. These recommendations help to determine needs and […]

  • buyer purchasing agent

    Buyer and Purchasing Agent

    Buyer and purchasing agents evaluate supplies, review quality of products, and negotiate contracts. These findings are used to buy products and services for an organization or institution to use or resell. They attend trade shows, conferences, and meetings to remain current on new industry trends and make contacts with suppliers. Buyer and purchasing agents assure […]

  • claims adjuster and appraiser

    Claims Adjuster

    Claims Adjuster inspect the damage to the property to include automobile, home, or business dwellings to determine how much financial obligation the insurance company has for the findings of damage. They are usually employed by insurance companies and are required to travel inspecting damaged property, automobiles or buildings, and conducting surveillance for the insurance company […]

  • compensation analyst specialist

    Compensation Analyst Specialist

    A compensation analyst specialist (also known as a benefits or job analysis specialist) will examines job descriptions to determine salaries and classifications for job positions. They also ensure an organization’s compensation and benefits package is cost effective, competitive, and current. How to Become a Compensation Analyst Specialist Compensation, benefits, and job analyst specialists typically require […]

  • compensation benefits manager

    Compensation Benefits Manager

    Compensation benefits managers plan, develop, and oversee programs to determine how an organization pays their employees and how much the employees are paid. Benefit managers plan direct and coordinate benefits that an organization offers its employees, like health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. Compensation benefits managers make sure that pay and benefits plans comply […]

  • cost estimator

    Cost Estimator

    A cost estimator calculates the cost for labor, time, and materials by collecting and analyzing information that is needed to construct a building or product other products. They visit work sites to review the manufacturing process and usually have expertise in a particular area of product or industry. They prepare the cost estimates to assist […]

  • economist


    An economist studies the distribution and production of services, goods, and resources by analyzing data on economic issues and research trends. Economists may work in corporations, firms, and think tanks. Other economists are teachers while half of work in federal, state, or local government. Find a College How to Become an Economist An economist usually […]

  • Entrepreneur


    Entrepreneur Interview Find a College Interviewee: SteveTitle: OwnerBusiness Type: Coffee shop 1. What does a typical day in your profession look like? We start the day grinding our whole bean coffee for brewing; place fresh donuts and assorted pastry in our bakery case; brew iced tea and prepare the POS system for business. ¬†Once the […]

  • executive


    An executive directs, plans, and coordinates operational activities for their organization or company and are normally responsible for devising policies and strategies to meet company goals. Executives often travel to attend meetings and conferences and visit regional, local, national, or international offices. Watch a Video: Find a College How to Become an Executive Many executives […]

  • financial advisor working with a couple

    Financial Advisor

    A financial advisor assists a client plan their short and long term financial goals both. These goals may include saving for retirement, college education, and ensuring a client has the appropriate insurance plan to secure a sound financial future. Their primary goal is to provide advice for financial security. Find a College How to Become […]

  • financial analyst

    Financial Analyst

    A financial analyst analyzes trends and predictions of financial changes for corporations, businesses, or individuals. They constantly assess bonds, stocks, and other investment options that may affect their client’s finances. They will also project a company’s revenue and expenses and advise the company on financial needs and budgets. Find a College How to Become a […]

  • financial clerk

    Financial Clerk

    A financial clerk works for many organizations doing administrative duties such as helping customers, keeping records, and carry out financial transactions. These duties may vary by setting and speciality. They work in a variety of office settings including medical offices, banks, government agencies, or insurance companies. Usually they work on a full-time basis. Find a […]

  • financial examiner

    Financial Examiner

    Financial examiners determine if financial institutions and transactions are in compliance with the law by evaluating the risk level of loans, assess bank management, and review balance sheets. Those working in consumer compliance would monitor lending activity to make sure that borrowers are fairly treated. They present reports detailing the safety and soundness of the […]

  • financial manager

    Financial Manager

    A financial manager maintains the financial health of an organization and develops strategies and plans for long-term financial goals, produces financial reports, and directs investment activities. They provide data analysis and advise senior managers on profit-maximizing ideas. He or she often work in teams acting as business advisors to top executives. There are various types […]

  • food service manager

    Food Service Manager

    A food service manager operates a food service or restaurant to ensure that it is efficiently functioning, customers are satisfied, and there is proper budgeting, accounting, and record keeping. They need knowledge of customer service, management and administration, and personnel and human resources. They should be knowledgeable in sales and marketing, food production, planning, coordinating, […]

  • fundraiser


    A fundraiser will raise money for an organization or cause by organizing campaigns and events. They oversee and plan these campaigns and increase awareness for an organization’s cause. Fundraisers typically work for nonprofit organizations with causes that range from education, health care research, social services, and political campaigns. How to Become a Fundraiser Fundraisers would […]

  • human resources manager

    Human Resource Manager

    A human resource manager helps companies coordinate the organizational functions of their business. They interview, hire, and handle staff issues. They consult top executives to develop strategic plans and are a go between with management and their employees. Human resource managers should be good listeners, decision makers, and social perceptiveness. How to Become a Human […]

  • human resources specialist

    Human Resource Specialist

    A human resource specialist will screen, interview, recruit, and place workers. They guide employees through human resources procedures and ensure that employees understand them. They are involved in other human resources work that relates to compensation and benefits, employee relations, and sometimes training. A human resource specialist typically works in an office. However, a recruitment […]

  • industrial production manager

    Industrial Production Manager

    An industrial production manager oversees the daily operations of manufacturing and related plants. They monitor the plant’s workers to ensure they meet safety standards. These production managers plan, direct, and coordinate the activities used to make a large assortment of goods, like paper products, cars, or computer equipment. This manager works closely with other managers […]

  • front desk information clerk

    Information Clerk

    Information clerks perform routine office functions in a business, government, or organization. They maintain records, provide information to customers, and collect data with the aid of computers, fax machines, telephones, and other office equipment. Information clerks can be found working in a variety of places such as hotels, healthcare facilities, or other locations. How to […]

  • insurance underwriter

    Insurance Underwriter

    Insurance underwriters are the main connection between an insurance company and an insurance agent. Using computer software programs, they evaluate insurance applications and determine whether an applicant should be approved for a policy, coverage amount, and premiums. Insurance underwriters analyze a candidate’s risk factors such as medical documents and financial situations. Typically, insurance underwriters specialize […]

  • project manager

    IT Project Manager

    IT Project managers lead a project team and ensures the project makes deadline, budget, and has the resources needed to be successful. Project managers may lead a team of people but the team members may not be the project manager’s direct reports. Think of a project manager like the glue that helps a team be […]

  • labor relations specialist

    Labor Relations Specialist

    A labor relations specialist works with a company’s representatives and labor union to interpret labor contracts concerning wages, pensions, healthcare, as well as management and union practices. These specialists address specific worker grievances and determine labor and management solutions are in compliance with the relevant agreement. How to Become a Labor Relations Specialist Labor relations […]

  • loan officer

    Loan Officer

    Loan officers meet with applicants who wish to borrow money and evaluate, approve, or rejectt the loan applications. They answer questions and help guide customers through the applications process as well. They may also market the service and products of their lending institution and contact people or companies to solicit new business. Most work in […]

  • lodging manager

    Lodging Manager

    Lodging managers are in charge of hotels, motels, resorts, and various overnight stays and are responsible for all aspects of the facility. They manage all staff and logistics such as customer service, food service, maintenance, and landscaping. The overall goal is to keep their guests happy and provide a pleasurable experience for everyone that comes. […]

  • logistician


    A logistician manages the supply and demand for a company in respect to their consumers. The main focus is on the rotation of products depending on the distribution, delivery, and how the products are acquired. They analyze and coordinate an organization’s supply chain to get products to the consumer. They work in many industries but […]

  • logistics manager

    Logistics Manager

    A logistics manager coordinates the distribution of personnel or products from one location to another. These managers must forecast how much inventory will be needed and when it may be needed by in order to satisfy the expectations of their organization or client. Watch a Video: Find a College How to Become a Logistics Manager […]

  • management analyst

    Management Analyst

    A management analyst (also referred to as a management consultant) investigates ways to help an organization reduce costs, increase revenue, and become more profitable. They advise management on various ways to improve efficiency. Many management analysts work as consultants. However, some may be employed through the company they are analyzing. Marketing analysts travel frequently in […]

  • market research analyst

    Market Research Analyst

    A market research analyst is alert to the conditions, changes, and potential trends in the business market. They study what the public wants and needs then help companies decide what products to sell, the demographic to sell those products to, and the price point that would lend the most profit. Watch a Video: Find a […]

  • marketing manager

    Marketing Manager

    Marketing managers analyze industry trends and demand for products and services then create a strategy to market the product or service. They often collaborate with sales engineers, financial staff, and advertising companies to ensure they have a successful strategy to implement. They would oversee their marketing strategy from start to finish and gather data surrounding […]

  • mathematician


    Mathematicians work for business, the sciences, government, and engineering and conduct research to develop and understand mathematical principles. They also help solve real-world problems by analyzing data and applying mathematical techniques. They may also work with chemists, industrial designers, or chemical engineers. Watch a Video: How to Become a Mathematician Mathematicians require at least a […]

  • medical and health services manager

    Medical Service Manager

    A medial service manager will plan, direct, and coordinate the delivery of healthcare and are sometimes referred to as healthcare executives or healthcare administrators. They direct any changes that must conform to changes in healthcare laws, technology, and regulations. A medical service manager may have the job of managing medical practice for a group of […]

  • office clerk

    Office Clerk

    An office clerk does a variety of clerical tasks such as typing, editing routine memos, filing records, and answering phones. They have duties that often change daily depending on the needs of their employer and the type of office in which they work. General office clerks can be found working in healthcare facilities, government offices, […]

  • online merchant

    Online Merchants

    Online merchants must be knowledgable in retail such as buying and managing inventory. However, they must also be knowledgable in online marketing strategies, updating inventory on a website, and managing the inventory that may not be housed where they operate their business. Watch a Video: Find a College How to Become an Online Merchant According […]

  • property manager

    Property Manager

    Property managers also known as community association managers are responsible for overseeing properties to assure it has a nice appearance, proper maintenance, and keeps it’s resale value. They show the property to prospective renters and discuss requirements and terms of occupancy. They may collect monthly fees, pay or delegate bill payments like taxes, insurance, maintenance, […]

  • public relations manager

    Public Relations Manager

    A public relations manager helps to improve the image of their organization by sponsoring corporate events and reviewing press releases. They maintain observance for political trends and test strategies to improve those trends as well as test the social and economic impact their client or organization has. With this information they advise the company of […]

  • purchasing manager

    Purchasing Manager

    Purchasing managers oversee the work of buyers and purchasing agents. They plan, direct, and coordinate the buying obtainment of products, services, and materials for retailer organizations and wholesalers. They also handle complicated purchases and negotiations. They are also responsible for the supervision of purchasing and buyer well to ensure the best procurements, products, and […]

  • real estate appraiser

    Real Estate Appraiser

    Appraisers and assessors of real estate prepare estimate of the value of property, such as the land and building or structure. This is typically provided before it is sold, developed, insured, taxed, or mortgaged. Before arriving at the property, an appraiser and assessor of real estate prepares current data and then performs an inspection of […]

  • realtor


    A realtor represents a real estate broker and helps clients buy, sell or rent properties for a portion of commission. They determine competitive market prices and compare properties in order to advise clients on relative information like market conditions and mortgages. Realtors should feel comfortable talking to individuals, have strong time management skills, and have […]

  • revenue agent

    Revenue Agent

    Tax collectors, examiners, and revenue agents work for local, state, and federal governments reviewing tax returns, conducting audits, identifying any owed taxes, and collecting overdue tax payments. They ensure that the state, local, and federal governments are able to collect tax money from citizens and businesses that may owe. They work primarily in an office […]

  • sales engineer

    Sales Engineer

    Sales engineers specialize in technologically and scientifically advanced products and sell these products or services to businesses. They must have extensive knowledge of the parts and products they sell. Sales engineers may have extensive travel and may work additional hours to meet client needs or sales goals. How to Become a Sales Engineer A bachelor’s […]

  • sales manager

    Sales Manager

    A sales manager oversees the sales between businesses and individual consumers or oversees the sales between one business to another. They set sales goals, develop training programs for sales representatives, and analyze data. A sales manager may be required to travel often and work full time with the possibility of working some evenings and weekends. […]