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  • what does a distance learning coordinator do

    Distance Learning Coordinator

    A distance learning coordinator ensures an educational program that teachers their learners completely online runs smoothly. To do this, they may help instructors with material that must be delivered online. They may also help mentor new faculty who may be new to online learning so they may run an effective class. Watch a Video: Find […]

  • community health worker

    Community Health Worker

    There are health educators and then there are community health workers. Though the two careers may sound similar, these two positions differ in their scope. Health educators teach health and wellness to others and may even provide one-on-one education. Community health workers on the other hand, connect social workers, health educators, and others in order […]

  • tutor


    A tutor helps students improve academically in a private, non-classroom setting either individually or with small groups by instructing them to improve their study skills, test-taking strategies, note-taking skills, or grasp of content. A tutor assists students review and complete class material. Their ultimate goal is to improve their academic performance. Watch a Video: Job […]

  • career advisor

    Career Advisor

    Career advisors train, guide, and promote skills to help individuals gain employment, change careers, advance in their careers, or find career options that match their client’s aptitude or skills. In addition they may discuss job openings and define realistic employment goals for individuals. They also teach career and employment skills that guide individuals using their […]

  • education administration

    Postsecondary Education Administrator

    The primary function of a education administrator is to oversee student activities, faculty research, and academics at colleges and universities. However, their duties may vary depending on the area of the college they manage, such as office of the registrar, admission, or student life. Postsecondary education administrators help students in several ways such as completing […]

  • postsecondary teacher

    Postsecondary Teacher

    Postsecondary teachers teach students beyond the high school level. They work with adults to instruct them in many different academic subjects as well as career and technical areas. They may also publish scholarly books and papers and conduct research. They work in a variety of places such as junior or community colleges, professional schools, private […]

  • training development manager

    Training Manager

    Training managers direct, plan, and coordinate programs to develop the skills and knowledge of an organization’s workers to help make them more productive. They oversee and work with specialists such as instructional designers, program developers, and instructors to design curriculum and determine training needs that will meet an organization’s goals. They work in almost every […]

  • ged teacher

    GED Teacher

    A GED (high school equivalency diploma) teacher accesses the education and skill level of students and instructs them in the skills needed to pass the GED test. Some teachers instruct in a classroom setting or tutor one-on-one. They are typically employed by public schools, community colleges, or community-based organizations and often work part-time. Find a […]

  • training developer

    Training Developer

    A training and development specialist’s primary responsibility is to assess, plan, organize and implement employee training for companies and organization. The work closely with management to determine a companies vision and goals to determine what is working and what is not working. They provide opportunities to improve job skills and gather data about training needs. […]

  • teaching assistant

    Teacher Assistant

    A teacher assistant works under the supervision of a licensed teacher and helps reinforce materials or lessons taught. They may help small groups of students, one-on-one, or work exclusively with special education students attending traditional classroom settings. Teacher assistants are sometimes referred to as teacher aides, education assistants, instructional aides, para-educators, or paraprofessionals. They typically […]

  • special education teacher

    Special Education Teacher

    A special education teacher helps students who have a wide variety of learning disabilities and challenges that include mental, emotional, and physical disabilities or other areas that make learning difficult. They adjust lessons in various subjects according to each child’s needs like reading, math, english, and writing. They use techniques in communication and literacy to […]

  • school guidance counselor

    Guidance Counselor

    Guidance counselors assist students to overcome their personal challenges and academic development. They may play many roles at a school such as a place a student can turn if having problems at home, a resource teachers can use if they feel a student is struggling and could use the support of a guidance counselor to […]

  • preschool director

    Preschool Director

    A preschool director is responsible for all aspects of the daily activities, planning, and budgets of their center’s program to include the supervision and leadership of staff with the caring and teaching of children. They mainly work in child daycare services on a full time basis. Some directors own the facilities and others are independently […]

  • preschool teacher

    Preschool Teacher

    A preschool teacher educates children between 3 to 5 years of age and have not yet started kindergarten. They concentrate on the language, motor, basic academic and social skills of the child in order to prepare them to enter kindergarten or other school academics in future. Watch a Video: Find a College How to Become […]

  • school principal


    Elementary, middle, and high school principals work year round in private and public schools managing school operations and day to day school activities. They oversee school staff and teachers, coordinate curriculum, and provide students with a safe and productive environment to learn. Principals also counsel students, set up academic goals, and implement standards and programs […]

  • Middle School Teacher

    Interview with a Middle School Teacher Interviewee: Emma F. Title: Middle School English Teacher Find a College 1. What does a typical day in your profession look like? Every day, I teach four classes of middle school English as well as one intervention class for struggling readers. My classroom is a very upbeat learning environment; […]

  • librarian


    A librarian assists people search for information. They also do research for both professional and personal use. Their duties may depend on the type of library they are employed with. A librarian may work in universities, local government, or for companies. How to Become a Librarian A librarian typically needs a master’s degree in library […]

  • librarian technician

    Library Technician

    Library technicians work under the supervision of a librarian and assist with various duties needed to run a library such as helping shelve and organize materials and do administrative and clerical tasks. They also help people find the books and reference material they are looking for. They may be employed by university libraries, companies, schools, […]

  • high school teacher

    High School Teacher

    High school teachers typically educate 9th-12th grade students in various subjects. They help students meeting state standards in their academics and the state’s high school graduation requirements. Most high school teachers have specific subjects they teach to various students that rotate from class to class throughout the day. They may teach in a public school, […]

  • health educator worker

    Health Educator

    A health educator educates the public about the importance and development of healthy behaviors. They also help to implement programs and/or strategies to improve overall health in a community or an individual. They collect information to target the health concerns of individuals, communities, or a specific population to develop programs of wellness and education about […]

  • elementary school teacher

    Elementary Teacher

    An elementary school teacher has the responsibility of teaching and mentoring young children, develop materials and projects that are appropriate to the age of the students, and encourage children to learn and develop various skill sets. Teachers meet with parents, guardians, and others that may be involved in the well-being of a child. They evaluate […]