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  • correctional officer working

    Correctional Officer

    Correctional officers are responsible for monitoring prisons and jail inmates. Tasks include maintaining security and peace at all times, breaking up disputes, respond to emergencies, and maintaining inmate counts. They must be aware of their surroundings at all times and these officers are required to report any inmate violations in jail or prison rules and […]

  • court reporter working

    Court Reporter

    A court reporter organizes transcripts of court hearings and creates official records of cases. The transcription must be accurate and word-for-word from depositions, trials, legal proceedings, and administrative hearings. If needed, they might provide translation for deaf and hard of hearing people through video closed-captioning. Most work for local or state governments, in courts, and […]

  • emergency dispatcher


    Police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers answer calls for emergency, non-emergency, and alarm calls from people who need help from firefighters, police, emergency services, or a combination of the three. Dispatchers work in emergency communication centers and must be available around the clock. This career may be stressful due to alarming situations and the need to […]

  • emergency management director

    Emergency Management Director

    An emergency management director designs emergency response plans and procedures to respond to emergencies such as natural disasters. They often work in coordination with government agencies, public safety officials, nonprofit organizations, and elected officials and help lead the response during and after emergencies. Find a College How to Become an Emergency Management Director Emergency management […]

  • firefighters working


    A firefighter responds to fire and medical emergencies. They also work with hazardous materials and clean up chemical or oil spills to control them. Firefighters are usually first responders. Therefore, they may work closely with police personal and additional emergency crew members as they arrive on site. Along with learning how to fight fires, they […]

  • forensic science technician

    Forensic Science Technician

    A forensic science technician analyzes and collects physical evidence that are involved with crime investigations. Some work directly at crime scene sites where others only work in the laboratory dissecting the information that has been collected. A forensic science technician tests evidence from a crime scenes using physical, chemical, and biological analysis. Someone interested in […]

  • fraud investigator

    Fraud Investigator

    Interview with a Fraud Investigator Interviewee: Julia Title: Fraud Investigator in a Public Agency 1. What do you do? I have been an employee for a County Welfare Agency for thirty one years. I was a caseworker for the first six years, and a Fraud Investigator for the last 25 years. My primary responsibility is […]

  • judge

    Judge and Hearing Officer

    Judges and hearing officers research and apply laws to resolve disputes between parties, reach judgements, and oversee the legal process in courts. They conduct pretrial hearings, resolve administrative disputes, and issue legal decisions. Find a College Judges and hearing officers are employed by the federal government or by local and state governments and mostly work […]

  • lawyer in court


    A lawyer gives legal advice to people, government agencies, and businesses and offer representation to them when needed. They prepare legal documents and interpret laws, regulations, and rulings. A lawyer can specialize in many different areas of this profession. Lawyers mostly work indoors and in office buildings, however some travel may be required when meeting […]

  • mediator working

    Mediator and Arbitrator

    An arbitrator and mediator often work in the legal services industry or in local and state governments attempting to resolve conflicts between opposing parties outside of the court system. An arbitrator and mediator’s ultimate goal is to encourage and facilitate negotiations and dialogue between conflicting parties with the goal of reaching acceptable agreements for both […]

  • paralegal


    Many paralegals work for law firms. However, they can be found in organizations of all types as well as government agencies and corporate legal departments. Paralegals are skilled in the preparation of affidavits, legal correspondence, electronic filing systems and assist in preparing for trial. A paralegal would be responsible for preparing contracts, legal documents, wills […]

  • police officer

    Police Officer

    A police officer is sworn to defend and protect the lives and property of people. They gather facts in crimes and present evidence of crimes. They can arrest or detain people who break the law. They respond to emergencies, patrol assigned areas, and write detailed reports on criminal finding and arrests. Police officer sometimes testify […]

  • political scientist

    Political Scientist

    A political scientist typically spends a lot of time in research, study, and analysis of political trends, governments, political ideas, and other related issues. They evaluate current policy based on public opinion surveys, election results, and economic data in order to come to an informed conclusion of the predicted impact of new policies. How to […]

  • Private Investigator

    A private detective and investigator collects evidence and searches for clues to gather evidence for court cases or private clients. They interview people, verify information, conduct surveillance, find missing persons, and gather vital facts for cases. A private detective and investigator might be needed in the investigation of computer crimes, corporate crimes, or any other […]

  • security guard

    Security Guard

    Security guards and gaming surveillance officers are the keepers and protectors of private or public property against theft, illegal activity, vandalism or terrorism attacks. They would regularly patrol assigned areas and closely check visitor access. A security guard and gaming surveillance officer also enforces laws on an employee’s property. They collaborate and assist emergency services […]