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  • aerospace engineer technician

    Aerospace Engineer Technician

    An aerospace engineer technician tests spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft to ensure they meet compliance requirements. The importance of reliable parts and equipment is critical. They frequently use simulation tools along with computer-based modeling and processes to maintain and operate equipment. He or she typically is employed in laboratories, manufacturing, offices, or industrial plants. Watch a […]

  • air traffic controller

    Air Traffic Controller

    An air traffic controller works from control towers, approach control facilities, or route centers to give aircraft clearances to take off or land safely. They coordinate air traffic patterns to assure that aircrafts are safe distances apart. They have the responsibility of keeping aircrafts, flight crews, and airline passengers safe therefore are authorized to change […]

  • aircraft maintenance technician

    Aircraft Maintenance Technician

    An aircraft maintenance technician keeps aircrafts in optimal operating condition by performing scheduled maintenance or repairs as dictated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines. They examine and replace necessary parts, identify problems, and follow maintenance manuals procedures to include but not limited to brakes, motors, wings and electrical systems. Watch a Video: Find […]

  • animal care worker with dogs

    Animal Care Worker

    Animal care workers provide care for animals at veterinary clinics, zoos, kennels, pet stores, stables, or animal shelters (just to name a few). They may bath, groom, feed, and exercise animals. Some specialize in an area of interest such as marine mammals, horses, reptiles, or even behavioral training. How to Become an Animal Care Worker […]

  • animal trainer

    Animal Trainer

    An animal trainer provides obedience training, security training, service animal training, or even works with animals for competitions or the entertainment industry. They may also teach animals to respond to work in a pack team, as well as to carry pack loads. They familiarize an animal to human commands and human contact. Watch a Video: […]

  • assembly and fabrication worker

    Assembler and Fabricator

    Assemblers and fabricators work assemble finished products that go into manufactured products. They also perform quality checks for mistakes or faulty components in the assembly process. The majority of assemblers and fabricators work in manufacturing plants which may require long periods of time sitting or standing. How to Become an Assembler and Fabricator The type […]

  • Auto Body and Glass Repairer working

    Auto Body Repairer

    Auto body repairers restore, refinish, and replace vehicle bodies and frames. They inspect car frames for structural damage and assess reparability on damaged parts such as windshields, doors, tires, or the body of the car. They primarily work indoors in auto shops or garages and work can be physically demanding. How to Become an Automotive […]

  • auto glass repair

    Auto Glass Repair

    Auto glass repairers replace window glass and windshields. They examine damaged windshields and assess repair ability. He or she stabilizes chips and cracks and removes glass that cannot be repaired. They apply urethane sealant to the windshield frame and install the replacement glass. This job can be physically demanding. Watch a Video: How to Become […]

  • auto mechanics working

    Auto Mechanic

    An auto mechanic performs maintenance, diagnostic testing, repairs, and inspections of small trucks and cars. They work on engines, drive belts, transmissions, and electronic systems such as steering, brakes, and accident-avoidance systems. Due to a common trend and popularity of alternative energy, some mechanics are beginning to work on vehicles with alternative fuels like electricity […]

  • cardiovascular technologist working

    Cardiovascular Technologist

    A cardiovascular technologist (also known as a vascular technologist) is a health professional who diagnoses cardiovascular problems. They use medical imaging methods like ultrasounds to diagnose heart conditions, vascular problems, or ailments that involves the heart, it’s arteries, valves, or blood vessels. Watch a Video: How to Become a Cardiovascular Technologist A cardiovascular technologist has […]

  • cargo freight agent

    Cargo Freight Agent

    A cargo freight agent helps get products from a storing location to a purchaser. These jobs can be found at airports, ship yards, warehouses, and trucking terminals. They take orders and start the process of logistically planning how to get that order to the intended destination. This job may require both manual and administrative duties. […]

  • carpenter working


    A career in carpentry can be very versatile that includes many different work settings and a variety of tasks. A carpenter constructs and repairs building structures and frameworks. Carpenters also install cabinetry for kitchens bathrooms as well as install drywall and siding. They may also do custom work for clients or businesses. A carpenter can […]

  • cna working

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) provide care to the chronically ill, disabled, and elderly with activities of daily living. They assist patients with eating and can take vital signs like blood pressure or temperature. This care can sometimes be 24 hours around the clock and last months or years pending on the patient’s stay or needs. […]

  • claims adjuster and appraiser

    Claims Adjuster

    Claims Adjuster inspect the damage to the property to include automobile, home, or business dwellings to determine how much financial obligation the insurance company has for the findings of damage. They are usually employed by insurance companies and are required to travel inspecting damaged property, automobiles or buildings, and conducting surveillance for the insurance company […]

  • clinical lab technician working

    Clinical Lab Technician

    Clinical laboratory technicians are also called medical laboratory technicians. They work in labs, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and non-clinical labs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 about half of all clinical laboratory technicians worked in hospitals. In many facilities, a clinical laboratory technician may also interact with patients. Watch a Video: How […]

  • coach working


    A coach instructs people on the skills of a sport and they can coach an amateur or professional team or athlete. They improve a teams performance and an athletes skill by developing practice drills and conditioning sessions. Coaches are also involved in the recruitment and scouting of potential new talent. How to Become a Coach […]

  • Computer Installation and Repair Technician Working

    Computer Installation Tech

    A computer installation and repair technician fixes problems related to the software and hardware components of computers. They may work on a variety of computers and mobile devices as well such as laptops, printers, tablets, and desktop computers. Because of the wide number of technology problems and devices, technicians must be excellent problem solvers and […]

  • computer support specialist

    Computer Support Specialist

    A computer support specialist provides technical support for a company, organization’s customers, or their employer’s staff. They use computer software and equipment to assist them in providing advice and help to their employer and their employee’s. They carry a variety of titles such as technical support specialist, information technology specialist (IT specialists), computer technician, and […]

  • construction manager

    Construction Manager

    A construction manager will supervise and manage contractors and laborers at construction sites. Often they meet with architects, specialized trade employees, and civil engineers on projects or upcoming builds. They must address emergencies, work delays, or other problems that affect the construction project. A construction manager can be found working in a main office, but […]

  • construction worker and laborer

    Construction Worker

    Construction laborers perform a variety of tasks on construction sites that range in complexity from very easy to extremely difficult and hazardous, like operating compacting equipment to prepare the site of construction or using explosives for jobs such as tunneling. They work in all phases of construction from operating jackhammers, traffic control on road crews, […]

  • correctional officer working

    Correctional Officer

    Correctional officers are responsible for monitoring prisons and jail inmates. Tasks include maintaining security and peace at all times, breaking up disputes, respond to emergencies, and maintaining inmate counts. They must be aware of their surroundings at all times and these officers are required to report any inmate violations in jail or prison rules and […]

  • cosmetologist


    A cosmetologist may treat and style hair. This includes cutting, color, or hair extensions. Some also specialize in skin care as well and may do pedicures, manicures, perform facials, or apply make-up to a client. Find a College How to Become a Cosmetologist A cosmetologist must go to an accredited cosmetologist school and be licensed […]

  • court reporter working

    Court Reporter

    A court reporter organizes transcripts of court hearings and creates official records of cases. The transcription must be accurate and word-for-word from depositions, trials, legal proceedings, and administrative hearings. If needed, they might provide translation for deaf and hard of hearing people through video closed-captioning. Most work for local or state governments, in courts, and […]

  • dental assistant working

    Dental Assistant

    Most dentists that perform intensive dental procedures or surgeries have a dental assistant. A general dentist who doesn’t carry out surgeries may not have a dental assistant. A general dentist may be more inclined to have multiple dental hygienists to assist cleaning patient’s teeth. A dental assistant may find this position a stepping stone to […]

  • dental hygienist working

    Dental Hygienist

    Dental hygienists clean teeth, take x-rays, apply sealants, and give oral-care guidance. Basically, a dental hygienist works with patients during the entire dental process, from beginning to end. They also work closely with the dentist and assist as needed. They also document and record the patient’s information to ensure accurate records are kept. Watch a […]

  • diesel engine mechanic

    Diesel Mechanic

    Diesel service mechanics inspect, repair, and overhaul any type of diesel engine. They may work on the electrical system of a vehicle as well or retrofit engines with emission control systems to comply with pollution regulations. Diesel service mechanics usually work in noisy repair shops that are well-ventilated and may sometimes be required to repair […]

  • drafter


    A drafter takes engineer and architect designs and converts them into technical drawings and plans using software programs. Drafters can specialize in civil, mechanical, architectural, or electrical drafting. Drafters create schematics to be printed, viewed, or programmed directly into (BIM) Building Information Modeling systems and (PDM) Product Data Management systems. These schematics create digital models […]

  • drywall inspector

    Drywall and Ceiling Installer

    Drywall and ceiling tile installers hang wallboard and install ceiling tile inside buildings. They typically work indoors with their work being physically demanding. Drywall and ceiling tile installers spend several hours bending, reaching, and standing, as well as lifting and maneuvering heavy, oversized wallboard. How to Become a Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installer Drywall and […]

  • electrical engineering technician working

    Electrical Engineering Technician

    An electrical engineering technician assist engineers to develop and design electrical and electronic equipment such as medical monitoring equipment, communications equipment, or navigational equipment. They test, repair, and adjust equipment or products. An electrical engineering technician works closely with electrical engineers, mostly for the federal government as well as manufacturing, utilities, or research and development […]

  • electrician working


    An electrician installs and maintains electrical power for lighting systems, communication systems, wiring and control systems, and appliances. They are qualified to inspect electrical components like circuit breakers and transformers and use various testing equipment to identify electrical problems and would be expected to repair or replacement equipment or wiring. How to Become an Electrician […]

  • Electro-Mechanical Technician working

    Electro-Mechanical Technician

    An electro-mechanical technician uses mechanical technology and knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits. They operate, test, and maintain robotic, unmanned, automated or electromechanical equipment. They work along side mechanical and electrical engineers and in various industrial environments to include plastics, energy, computer, communications equipment manufacturing, and aerospace. These techs verify the dimensions of parts by […]

  • elevator installer and repairer

    Elevator Installer

    Elevator installers and repairers maintain, install, and fix elevators, moving walkways, stair lifts, and escalators. There are two types of elevator installers and repairers. One type specialize in fine-tuning the equipment after the installation and assuring required specifications are met. The other type is an assistant mechanic that has completed the 4-year apprenticeship program and […]

  • becoming a farmer

    Farmer or Rancher

    Farmers usually operate farms that produce livestock, crops, and vegetables and produce enough crops and livestock for private sales or wholesale to companies. About 7 in 10 farmers and ranchers are self-employed and many work on family-owned farms. There is no typical work week; farmers and ranchers work hours that are determined by the needs. […]

  • financial clerk

    Financial Clerk

    A financial clerk works for many organizations doing administrative duties such as helping customers, keeping records, and carry out financial transactions. These duties may vary by setting and speciality. They work in a variety of office settings including medical offices, banks, government agencies, or insurance companies. Usually they work on a full-time basis. Find a […]

  • flight attendant

    Flight Attendant

    A flight attendant is typically employed by airlines and are mandated by Federal law to ensure that safety instructions are provided for the flight. Flight attendants also greet passengers as they board the plane, direct them to their seats, ensure all carry-on items are stowed appropriately, and follow safety proceedures. Watch a Video: Find a […]

  • tile and flooring

    Flooring and Tile Setter

    Flooring and tile setters lay the materials that improve the look and feel of homes or other places like restaurants, offices, and other buildings. Materials such as carpet, vinyl, tile, and wood are used on floors, countertops, showers, and walls. The tasks of this job are physically demanding and you could spend time kneeling, reaching, […]

  • floral designer florist

    Floral Designer

    A floral designer uses their creativity and knowledge of flower design and arrangements to suit the needs and requests of the customer. They use their knowledge of flower variety to assemble dried or silk flowers in an attractive display according to size, color, and appeal. A floral designer is most often referred to as a […]

  • funeral service worker

    Funeral Service Worker

    A funeral service worker manages and organizes the details of a funeral. They work with the families to determine the dates, location, and times of visitations, memorial services, cremations, or funerals. They attend to the administrative aspects pertaining to a person’s death such as submitting proper papers to state officials to receive a death certificate. […]

  • geological technician

    Geological or Petroleum Technician

    A geological or petroleum technician attempts to discover valuable resources by analyzing geological samples of minerals and soil. They support engineers and scientists in extracting and exploring natural sources like crude oil, minerals, and the detection of natural gas. Geological technicians indicate the potential for exploration to determine chemical or physical properties and test geological […]

  • glazier


    Glaziers specialize in installing different glass products in skylights, windows, mirrors, and other areas where glass is needed. A few glaziers also work with marble, granite, plastics, and other materials that are used as glass substitutes. The job is physically demanding and most glaziers work on a full time basis. How to Become a Glazier […]

  • green jobs

    Green Jobs

    Green Jobs: Green Industry Dream Jobs The Bureau of Labor Statistics considers a job as green if the career produces goods or services that “benefit the environment or conserve natural resources” or jobs where a worker would be involved in “making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.” Green Marketers […]

  • Heavy Vehicle Technician

    Heavy Vehicle Service Technician

    A heavy vehicle service technician will inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles and machinery. They mainly work with equipment used for farming, construction, and rail transportation. Service technicians typically work in repair shops though some may work outdoors as well. Their job may be physically demanding as a technician lifts heavy tools and parts and may […]

  • home health aide working

    Home Health Aide

    A home health aide provides care, companionship, and assistance to the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, or otherwise impaired person. Under the supervision of a nurse or healthcare practitioner, they may sometimes check a client’s vital signs, administer medication, or help with a ventilator. Most home health aides travel to a client’s home while others may […]

  • hvac technician

    HVAC Tech

    HVAC technicians repair, maintain, and install heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. They are responsible for heating, cooling, and air quality in residential homes and businesses. This job is often done outdoors in hot or cold climates and you may need to work in tight spaces. How to Become a HVAC Tech A heating, air conditioning, […]

  • front desk information clerk

    Information Clerk

    Information clerks perform routine office functions in a business, government, or organization. They maintain records, provide information to customers, and collect data with the aid of computers, fax machines, telephones, and other office equipment. Information clerks can be found working in a variety of places such as hotels, healthcare facilities, or other locations. How to […]

  • jeweler

    Jeweler and Metal Worker

    A jeweler and metal worker each have a specialized area of work, but they are involved in the manufacture, design, and selling of jewelry. In addition, they appraise jewelry and gems, as well as repair and adjust jewelry. Many jeweler and metal workers are self-employed and work from home and spend weekends at trade and […]

  • librarian technician

    Library Technician

    Library technicians work under the supervision of a librarian and assist with various duties needed to run a library such as helping shelve and organize materials and do administrative and clerical tasks. They also help people find the books and reference material they are looking for. They may be employed by university libraries, companies, schools, […]

  • lpn working

    Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

    A licensed practical nurse (LPN) cares for the basic medical needs of a patient by monitoring their blood pressure and other vital signs and providing the person with the necessities of basic comforts like bathing or other needs. LPNs work in a variety of health care systems. Settings can range from clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, […]

  • Line Installer

    Line Installer and Repairer

    Line installers and repairers frequently work in teams to repair or install a complex network of power lines and cables such as telecommunications cables to include fiber optics and electrical power systems. Their job is considered highly hazardous because they work with high-voltage electricity and climb great heights. A line installer and repairer’s work is […]

  • Locomotive Engineer

    Locomotive engineers drive all types of trains to transport cargo and passengers. To say this is a unique career would be an understatement. These engineers learn how to operate a train safely while maintaining a strict schedule. They would monitor the trains speed as well and provide a comfortable ride if transporting passengers. Watch a […]