A coach instructs people on the skills of a sport..


What does a Coach do?

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A coach instructs people on the skills of a sport and they can coach an amateur or professional team or athlete. They improve a teams performance and an athletes skill by developing practice drills and conditioning sessions. Coaches are also involved in the recruitment and scouting of potential new talent.

How to Become a Coach

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A bachelor’s degree is usually expected in sports science, exercise, kinesiology, physiology, fitness and nutrition, sports medicine, and physical education. Considerable experience and knowledge in their preferred sport is also needed though some training may be given on-the-job. However, you can also help coach with no coaching experience or formal education. Many elementary and middle school age teams are in need of coaches. If you’d like to coach and have no experience, there is probably a team that would appreciate a volunteer!

Job Description of a Coach

If a coach works for an amateur team, they may teach the fundamentals of their sport through demonstration and practice drills. They will teach athletes strategies to win in their sport, rules of the sport, and performance principles. They also monitor athletes and evaluate their fitness and skill to make any needed adjustments or suggestions for the player to improve. A coach is sure to maintain the safe and proper use of any equipment used. They remain current on technologies, rules, or techniques that would concern their sport, and apply any new knowledge to the game or their athlete. A coach works irregular hours that could include nights, weekends, and holidays. Travel is also required to sports events and in the search for new athletic talent.

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