Computer Installation and Repair Technician Working

What does a Computer Installation Tech do?

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A computer installation and repair technician fixes problems related to the software and hardware components of computers. Because of this, they may work on a variety of computers and mobile devices like laptops, printers, and tablets. Because of the wide number of technical problems and devices, technicians must be excellent problem solvers and sufficient in many different technology platforms. Watch a video to learn more about a computer network technician.

How to Become a Computer Installation and Repair Technician

Computer Installation and Repair Technician Working

Most computer installation and repair applicants continue their education after high school and take courses in computers, electronics, machine repair, computer and digital technology, network hardware configuration, and electrical engineering. If a high school graduate can prove they are knowledgeable they may gain employment without a degree or certification. Some applicants qualify for employment after military training.

Due to some job specialties, an employee may receive on-the-job training and begin with less complex tech support problems and advance to more sophisticated systems. According to O*NET OnLine, over 30% of technicians reported earning an associate’s degree while a little over 30% reported earning a post-secondary certification.

Job Description of Computer Installation and Repair Technician

Computer installation and repairers fix computers that malfunction, will clean devices, and conducts preventative maintenance. They may replace broken computer parts like video cards or keypads and install, repair, or replace computer monitors, network connections, or hard drives. Additionally, they must have knowledge of common software packages and various operating systems.

They may remotely access a computer to run diagnostic tests and must communicate well with clients in order to explain the issue or needed troubleshooting steps to take. They sometimes do administrative tasks, like completing order forms. Some computer installation and repair workers travel to customer locations, while others work from repair shops. They are mostly employed by private businesses and some are self-employed. They usually work on a full-time basis.

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