Information System Manager

An information system managers is also often called an information..

Information System Manager

What does a Information System Manager do?

Median Pay $135,800
Growth Rate 15%
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An information system managers is also often called an information technology (IT) manager. The primary role is to manage, design, and monitor information systems in a variety of settings. They oversee staff that plan, install, and maintain hardware and software upgrades. They must be effective communicators and have the ability to multi-task.

How to Become an Information System Manager

information system manager

Most employers want a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science. To be an IT manager, you will also want work related experience. Many information system managers have a graduate degree.

Since this is a management position, prior management experience is helpful to obtain this position and so would taking college courses in business.

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Job Description of an Information System Manager

As an IT manager, you continually analyze your organization’s technology needs and recommend upgrades along with security solutions. You will manage the rollout of new software and technologies while maintaining budget and deadlines. You will most likely not be involved in the hands-on aspect of updating technology. Rather, you will be leading a team of IT professionals who handle that.

Positions that may directly report to you include computer systems analysts, software developers, information security analysts, and computer support employees. In addition, you may very well be involved in the negotiation process with potential vendors and ensure the vendors meet the quality standards your organization expects. A firm grasp of project management is useful for this position.

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