A cosmetologist may treat and style hair. This includes cutting,..


What does a Cosmetologist do?

Median Pay $11.68 an hour
Growth Rate 10%
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A cosmetologist may treat and style hair. This includes cutting, color, or hair extensions. Some also specialize in skin care as well and may do pedicures, manicures, perform facials, or apply make-up to a client.

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How to Become a Cosmetologist


A cosmetologist must go to an accredited cosmetologist school and be licensed in the state that they practice. It is recommended you consider several different cosmetology schools before making a final decision as they may vary greatly.

Cosmetologist should be educated and skilled in esthetics (some states require a license to do esthetics), which focuses specifically on skin care, such as wraps, facials, or hair removal.

Job Description of a Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist may choose to specialize in various areas of cosmetology so pending on their specialty, their daily tasks will vary. All cosmetologists are responsible however to maintain a working environment that is clean, safe, and free of pathogens that may pass from one person to another. Cosmetologists are professional beauty consultants that communicate well and are creative in styling hair, nails, or qualified in recommending products. A cosmetologist salary may greatly depending on location. For example, a city may pay more than a rural area.

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