become a desktop publisher

What does a Desktop Publisher do?

Desktop publishers design page layouts for brochures, newspapers, books, and other published or printed online material by using computer software. They edit graphics, like illustrations or photographs. They typically work full time with some overtime necessary when meeting deadlines for publication.

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How to Become a Desktop Publisher

become a desktop publisher

An associate’s degree in graphic communications or graphic design is normally required to become a desktop publisher. Desktop-publishing courses are available through community colleges and technical schools that educate a student on how to create electronic page layouts and use desktop publishing software to format text and graphics. Once you are hired, you will usually receive about one month of on the job training by more experienced workers.

Desktop publishers typically need to continue training because of the changes in publishing software. Many employers favor hiring a candidate who has some experience using desktop-publishing software and preparing layouts which may be gained by working on a publication for a school or other type of organization.

Job Description of a Desktop Publisher

Desktop publishers usually have the duties of reviewing texts, graphics, or other materials created by designers and writers. They edit graphics and download graphics and texts and integrate into publishing software. He or she has the job of creating cohesive pages, adjust text properties, raise layouts, and make necessary corrections. They also upload final files for online publishing or printing.

Desktop Publisher Career Video Transcript

When a company hears its website is hard to read or needs a brochure for a new product they call on the skills of a desktop publisher to make their content appear easy to read, attractive, and engaging. Desktop publishers use design software to create page layouts for print or electronic publications, including newspapers, books, and reports or studies. They combine text and images to create a coherent design that conveys the intended message and grabs the reader’s attention.

Desktop publishers may also edit text… correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar. They tend to work on teams with other creative workers such as writers, editors, and graphic designers collaborating to prepare a cohesive design, often under strict deadlines. Desktop publishers work in a variety of industries, including many related to publishing and printing. Many work full-time and may need to work additional hours when publication deadlines require it. For most positions, desktop publishers need an associate’s degree in graphic design or graphic communications, including courses on desktop publishing software that feature electronic page layouts and text and graphics formatting. A brief period of on-the-job training to learn the employer’s desktop publishing software is typical.

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