Diesel Mechanic

Diesel service mechanics inspect, repair, and overhaul any type of..

Diesel Mechanic

What does a Diesel Mechanic do?

Median Pay $45,170
Growth Rate 12%
Citation Retrieved in 2017 from BLS.org

Diesel service mechanics inspect, repair, and overhaul any type of diesel engine. They may work on the electrical system of a vehicle as well or retrofit engines with emission control systems to comply with pollution regulations.

Diesel service mechanics usually work in noisy repair shops that are well-ventilated and may sometimes be required to repair vehicles on roadsides or at worksites. Most diesel service mechanics work on a full-time basis with the probability of overtime and evening shifts.

How to Become a Diesel Service Mechanic

diesel engine mechanic

Diesel service technicians and mechanics typically require a high school diploma or the equivalent with increasing demand for post-secondary courses in automotive repair, mathematics, and electronics in diesel engine repair.

Many community colleges and trade schools offer certificates or degree programs in diesel engine repair. These programs incorporate classroom instruction with hands-on training. This includes basic diesel technology, practical exercises, and repair techniques. You would also learn how to interpret technical manuals and electronic diagnostic reports.

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The diesel technician who begins their career without post-secondary education are given extensive on-the-job training. An employer often sends experienced technicians to special training classes given by vendors and manufacturers to learn about the latest diesel technology.

If you become certified, certification requires 2 years of work experience and you must pass one or more ASE exams. It is necessary to obtain re-certification every 5 years.

Job Description of a Diesel Service Mechanic

Diesel service mechanics meet with customers and read work orders to know what work is required and then plan the work procedures. They inspect brake systems, transmissions, engines, steering mechanisms, and other vehicle parts. They also follow checklists to ensure that every critical part is examined. He or she reads and interprets diagnostic test results to identify mechanical or electrical equipment.

Diesel service mechanics perform basic maintenance and repair or replace malfunctioning parts, components, or other electrical or mechanical equipment. Their job includes handling power and machine tools and oftentimes laptop computers to diagnose problems and adjust engine functions. He or she tests drives the vehicle to be sure that it runs smoothly and all work was completed for the customers safety and satisfaction.

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