what does a distance learning coordinator do

What does a Distance Learning Coordinator do?

A distance learning coordinator ensures an educational program that teachers their learners completely online runs smoothly. To do this, they may help instructors with material that must be delivered online. They may also help mentor new faculty who may be new to online learning so they may run an effective class.

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How to Become a Distance Learning Coordinator

According to O*NET OnLine, over 65% of distance learning coordinators have earned a master’s degree and less than 30% held a bachelor’s degree. Around 5% earned a certification after attaining their bachelor’s degree. This means not every distance learning coordinator must hold a master’s degree, but many employers prefer one. A degree that contains curriculum design, instructional theory, and collecting and analyzing data would be helpful. A distance coordinator ultimately has a blend of formal education and experience in online learning. Some may start as teachers and continue their education and expertise in distance learning.

Job Description of a Distance Learning Coordinator

what does a distance learning coordinator do

Distance learning coordinators ensure students can take classes anywhere and at any time. They ensure class materials are accessible to the learners and meet program goals and objectives. They may also supervise instructional staff or may be a support for staff to assist them to teach in an online environment.

Distance learning coordinators must stay on top of learning trends and technologies to ensure their programs are as effective as possible. They would also evaluate new teaching software or learning management systems to ensure their technology meets the student’s needs.

Distance Learning Coordinator Career Video Transcript

Distance learning coordinators make learning accessible around the clock and from any location. These professionals schedule courses and run the day-to-day operations of online learning programs for educational institutions, professional associations, and other organizations. Distance learning coordinators are experts on the software and equipment used for distance learning. They train faculty and staff to adapt curriculum and assignments from classroom to online learning methods.

As planners, distance learning coordinators determine equipment and software needs, change course offerings, and continuously build quality assurance. These coordinators help instructors and students manage technical issues and organizational requirements. Distance learning coordinators usually supervise other staff and often negotiate with the vendors who sell equipment and software; they may work closely with academic departments. They also do their share of administrative tasks, scheduling courses and computer labs, managing budgets, analyzing data and writing reports to document distance learning participation and goals.

The majority of jobs for distance learning coordinators require a master’s degree and work experience that reflect knowledge of curriculum design and learning software. With a career like this one, you can help your students and staff go the distance.

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