A drafter takes engineer and architect designs and converts them..


What does a Drafter do?

Median Pay $53,480
Growth Rate -3%
Citation Retrieved in 2017 from BLS.org

A drafter takes engineer and architect designs and converts them into technical drawings and plans using software programs. Drafters can specialize in civil, mechanical, architectural, or electrical drafting. Drafters create schematics to be printed, viewed, or programmed directly into (BIM) Building Information Modeling systems and (PDM) Product Data Management systems. These schematics create digital models of machines or buildings.

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How to Become a Drafter


A two year associate’s degree or certification from a community college or trade school is normally required to become employed as a drafter. Trade schools offer courses in sketching, computer aided design and drafting (CADD) software, and design fundamentals. Some graduates with an associate’s degree go on to a four year college in a related field and pick up courses in mathematics, engineering, and architecture.

Job Description of a Drafter

A drafter must be able to specify materials, dimensions, and procedures for new products. The use of computer software CADD systems is an important aid for the drafter to create and store technical drawings electronically. They use CADD to convert designs engineers and architects provide to them and convert those designs into plans and technical drawings others can work from. A drafter may also add additional detail to the design.

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