What does a Elementary Teacher do?

how to become a elementary school teacher

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An elementary school teacher has the responsibility of teaching and mentoring young children. In addition, they develop materials and projects that are appropriate to the age of the students, and encourage children to learn and develop various skill sets. Teachers meet with parents, guardians, and others that may be involved in the well-being of a child. They also evaluate and maintain records of each students progress or special need. Watch a video to learn what an elementary teacher does:

How to Become an Elementary Teacher

A bachelor’s degree is usually required to be a teacher along with a state-issued certification or license. During college, some on-the-job training may be given via a semester as a student-teacher. During this internship, a teacher will advise and guide you to become a better teacher.

Job Description of an Elementary Teacher

how to become a elementary school teacher

An elementary school teacher educates young children in basic academics such as math, reading, and even good social skills. They work with students individually or in larger classroom settings. They also develop teaching methods to aid in instructing the students such as demonstrations, lectures, and/or discussions to meet the students needs and interests.

Teachers encourage and establish behavioral rules and procedures to ensure children learn and maintain order. They give student updates to guardians or parents on the child’s progress, special needs, or improvements. An elementary school teacher motivates students and encourages them to overcome challenges in learning. They develop, create, and prepare classroom activities that aid in the educational and social development of the children.

The teacher would evaluate and observe the student in areas of physical health, performance, behavior, and social development. They read books to the students and offer many different materials and resources for them to use in order to learn. Teachers must have the ability to speak and write in a clear and concise manner and listen attentively to what is being communicated to them. An elementary school teacher would normally work 10 months of the year and normally works during school hours. They tend to spend time some time during the evenings and weekends to grade papers or write lesson plans.

Elementary School Teacher Career Video Transcript

The first day of school. For children, it can be scary and exciting, opening them to new worlds. For elementary school teachers, it’s the start of a new year of inspiring students, and making a lasting impression on their future. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers teach foundation subjects: math, reading, science and social studies. They also teach appropriate interaction, setting and enforcing rules for behavior in the classroom, lunchroom, and recess. When students experience barriers to learning, teachers devise methods to help, and meet with parents to share student progress and challenges.

Elementary teachers work in both public and private schools. Class sizes and the availability of textbooks, technology, and other materials can vary greatly. Teachers are often accountable for student performance on standardized tests, which can be challenging. Teachers work full-time and often put in extra hours to prepare lessons and grade school work.

Many primary school teachers work a ten-month school year with a two-month summer break, although some also teach summer school. Teachers need a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Public school jobs require state certification. Some states require a college major in a subject such as math, language arts, or science. No mistake, it’s not an easy job but teaching is more than an occupation, it’s a commitment.

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