Financial Analyst

A financial analyst analyzes trends and predictions of financial changes..

Financial Analyst

What does a Financial Analyst do?

Median Pay $81,760
Growth Rate 12%
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A financial analyst analyzes trends and predictions of financial changes for corporations, businesses, or individuals. They constantly assess bonds, stocks, and other investment options that may affect their client’s finances. They will also project a company’s revenue and expenses and advise the company on financial needs and budgets.

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How to Become a Financial Analyst

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Financial analysts are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree that involves courses in economics, accounting, statistics, math, engineering, and finance. Employers may also require a master’s degree in finance or business administration (MBA).

Education in risk management, options pricing, and bond validation is often necessary. After employment, employers have the employee licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). You can become certified if you hold a bachelor’s degree, 4 years experience, and pass 3 exams from a CFA institute. This would help with advancement and promotion in a company.

Job Description of a Financial Analyst

A financial analyst finds profitable investments by analyzing information on stocks, bonds, and other investments for businesses or individuals. They evaluate historical and current data and remain current in business and economic trends. They also prepare reports for the business or individual that illustrates their recommendations.

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