how to become a fine art specialist do

What does a Fine Art Specialist do?

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A fine art specialist is the art field’s project planner if you will. Additionally, they may be an artist themselves, or have a deep appreciation of art. They can also find themselves doing a host of tasks such as educating the public about art being showcased in their area, leading an art workshop, or even restoring art when asked. Ultimately, they promote the value of art in society in a variety of ways. Watch a video to learn what a fine art specialist does:

How to Become a Fine Art Specialist

According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), these specialists need an education. Thus, they recommend a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in fine arts or applied arts to qualify as a candidate. This may be due to the nature of the position, as these specialists must be skilled in project management, educating others, and understanding art on an advanced level.

Job Description

how to become a fine art specialist do

Since a fine art specialist plans large art projects that will ultimately be placed on display for the public. Thus, they must coordinate with a host of people from construction crew, fabricators, artists, and facilities management. Additionally, they must be able to supervise others who are on the project and communicate project’s status.

These individuals also have a wealth of knowledge about art and leverage this when considering proposals. Along with working with the artist, they may also do community outreach about the project or art in general. Additional duties can include restoring art objects, running competitions or workshops, and teaching one or more forms of art to others.

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