Food Service Manager

A food service manager operates a food service or restaurant..

Food Service Manager

What does a Food Service Manager do?

Median Pay $50,820
Growth Rate 5%
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A food service manager operates a food service or restaurant to ensure that it is efficiently functioning, customers are satisfied, and there is proper budgeting, accounting, and record keeping. They need knowledge of customer service, management and administration, and personnel and human resources. They should be knowledgeable in sales and marketing, food production, planning, coordinating, and directing.

How to Become a Food Service Manager

food service manager

A bachelor’s degree would be preferred but considerable experience in the food industry may be sufficient. Occasionally, national or regional restaurant chains seek-out management trainees for their food service management programs or from a college hospitality program.

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Job Description of a Food Service Manager

A food service manager is entrusted with the efficient manner in which a restaurant, cafeteria, or other food and beverage service is run on a daily basis. They oversee the methods used in food preparation such as portion size and presentation of food so that it is prepared and served in a professional manner.

Food service managers also look into complaint or grievances in regards to any food service, accommodations, or quality and resolve the problem to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. They are also responsible for counting money and making bank deposits as well as overseeing payroll records, budgets, and transactions that need to be approved. In addition, they coordinate schedules of staff and cooking employees.

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