A fundraiser will raise money for an organization or cause..


What does a Fundraiser do?

Median Pay $54,130
Growth Rate 9%
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A fundraiser will raise money for an organization or cause by organizing campaigns and events. They oversee and plan these campaigns and increase awareness for an organization’s cause. Fundraisers typically work for nonprofit organizations with causes that range from education, health care research, social services, and political campaigns.

How to Become a Fundraiser


Fundraisers would require a bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, English, business, or journalism, but degrees in other subjects may be acceptable as well. Employers also look for strong communication skills.

Holding a master’s degree in fundraising or philanthropic studies would be advantageous. In order to be accepted into these programs you typically require work or volunteer experience at a grant making foundation or nonprofit organization.

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To gain experience you should volunteer at local charities or student-led organizations. Previous work experience and internships are usually necessary to gain a paid position as a fundraiser. Certification for a fundraiser is not required, however, it may demonstrate your professional competency and is offered by the Certified Fund Raising Executive International (CFRE international) designation for fundraisers.

Job Description Fundraisers

Fundraisers identify and research prospective donors and contact them to raise money for an organization. They need to create an appealing, strong message for fundraising and make use of online platforms, like crowdsourcing to raise donations. Fundraisers ensure a campaign is properly organized to raise money and maintain records of all donor information for future reference. A fundraiser would determine the success of past fundraising events. They ensure that any legal requirements required during an event or campaign are met.

He or she also trains volunteers in their practices and procedures. A fundraiser should have strong communication skills and be detail-oriented. They should also have leadership qualities and organizational skills.

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