What does a Geothermal Production Manager do?

Median Pay $100,580
Growth Rate -1%
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A geothermal production manager is responsible to run operations at a power generation facility such as a power plant. They ensure the plant is staffed accordingly and all staff are properly trained. They supervise workers as well and ensure they follow safety procedures and complete daily maintenance on equipment. Geothermal production managers may also be called operations, plant, or site managers.

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How to Become a Geothermal Production Manager

To become a geothermal production manager, you would need to have experience working in geothermal production and also demonstrate leadership and strong decision making skills. A college degree may or may not be required from an employer depending an individual’s experience. O*NET OnLine reports that almost half of the geothermal production managers surveyed had taken at least some college courses with almost 20% having earned a certification after high school. Less than 20% reported as having earned a bachelor’s degree.

Job Description of a Geothermal Production Manager

what does a geothermal production manager do

Geothermal production managers manage staff at a geothermal power plant. They are ultimately the ones responsible for running a safe and efficient work environment and facility. It’s vital that all equipment at these facilities are in top working order, so they would ensure they are being inspected, maintained, and repaired as necessary. They would also expect all staff to follow safety procedures and other facility policies.

These managers would also hire staff and ensure they are properly trained. They would continue to evaluate each worker’s performance as well to ensure the workforce is a high-functioning team. They may need to write reports, oversee budget, and analyze areas of improvement.

Geothermal Production Manager Career Video Transcript

You’ve got the power! Geothermal power, that is, if you choose to become a geothermal production manager. These professionals ensure that power plant worksites run smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Geothermal power is a sustainable energy source that uses heat from the earth’s core to power a generator and produce electricity. It’s a growing source of renewable, clean energy, with most geothermal power plants concentrated in the western United States.

Production managers at geothermal power plants supervise employees, develop policy, and make sure that everyone involved is informed about production and any safety issues they should be aware of. They’re also responsible for checking equipment constantly, so potentially dangerous malfunctions and inefficiencies can be nipped in the bud. For repairs, geothermal production managers are required to oversee maintenance and ensure compliance with all standards and regulations. Qualifications for this career vary from on-the-job experience, to an associate’s degree, or training in a vocational school, depending on the specific job and employer.

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