Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates digital images by combining the use..

Graphic Designer

What does a Graphic Designer do?

Median Pay $47,640
Growth Rate 1%
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A graphic designer creates digital images by combining the use of computer software and art concepts to develop and deliver ideas to a client that would inform, inspire, or motivate a consumer. They are original and creative thinkers with the ability to develop and apply clever ideas in a design or application (like a website). They can develop graphics for brochures, advertisements, corporate branding, and other media such as websites.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

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To gain a career as a graphic designer, you usually need a bachelor’s degree in design or a similar field. While earning a degree, you will also build your professional portfolio that demonstrates your talent and abilities as a designer. Since graphic designers can work on a range of projects, computer courses taught would include photo editing programs, illustration programs, and perhaps some optional web design and video editing programs.

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Job Description of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers make complex ideas more accessible by illustrating content using their skills in text, color, and images. They can creatively transform statistical data into diagrams and visual graphics, create logos, and marketing material. They often interact with people in public relations, marketing, or advertising.

Graphic designers may also specialize in one area such as product package design, book cover design, or web design. A graphic designer must remain current in computer technologies and software.

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