what does a green marketer do

What does a Green Marketer do?

Just like other marketing positions, someone that markets green products or services would analyze market trends and use marketing techniques to promote and sell the item or service they represent. Some of these positions would be found in solar energy companies, products made from recycled materials, or even green cleaning products. They may also sell technology that is green, for instance marketing hybrid or electric cars.

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How to Become a Green Marketer

Many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in either marketing, environmental science, advertising, or a related field, along with experience. Courses should include environmental factors, conservation, market research, sales, and effective communication techniques. All of these areas would be valuable in becoming a Green Marketer. In addition, using analytical skills and using statistics is just as important.

Job Description of a Green Marketer

A green marketer would research audiences to narrow down the target audience most likely to purchase the item or service they are representing. They would also help to develop branding or promotional items that would be appealing to that audience in order to drive consumer interest and increase sales. They may attend promotional events as well, such as conferences, to increase awareness of their product or service.

This position would collaborate with other departments to learn every aspect of the product or service in order to help them fully understand the scope of the item or service they are marketing. They may also work with vendors to develop their advertising material to ensure it meets the companies expectations and standards and also negotiate advertising rates.

There are several benefits in becoming a Green Marketer, and at the top of the list is their part in helping the environment! Not only are they cutting cost for companies but they also reduce waste which means a healthier impact on the planet! In addition to that, Green Marketing has been on the rise, in turn providing more employment opportunities for those going into the industry.

Green Marketer Career Video Transcript

Video Transcript: Who knows what green innovations will be used to forge a strong, environmentally-healthy society in the future? Green marketers do! Green marketers use data on sales trends to take a peek at future market conditions, devising and analyzing different marketing tactics to make environmentally-friendly products more available to the average person.

Green marketers give and receive information from conferences, community events, and often from conducting their own research. These marketing gurus design questionnaires and studies that show consumers’ opinions on solar energy systems, green cleaning products, recycled and renewable products, and more. From there, green marketers generate creative advertisements for the products or services they represent that will both raise awareness about the benefits of using environmentally-friendly products as well as selling them to customers, based on their competitive strong points.

Becoming a green marketer generally requires a bachelor’s degree. A background in environmental issues is a plus. Green marketers keep environmentally healthy products and services in the public awareness, creating better choices through their efforts.

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