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What does a Grill Master (Pitmaster) do?

A grill master (also known as a pitmaster) prepares grilled foods, focuses on controlling the heat, and creates the perfect conditions to grill food. They do this with various foods and techniques to maximize flavors while keeping the food tender.

How to Become a Grill Master (Pitmaster)

become a pitmaster grill master

There is no requirement to become a grill master; most have a high school diploma and gain hands-on experience in the restaurant industry. However- some may have an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in the culinary arts learning the foundations of cooking, grilling, and food safety. These culinary programs can take anywhere from two to four years and can provide the general knowledge necessary to land a job at a restaurant.
If you wish to be a grill master, working at a restaurant known for grilled food would be beneficial as you can become exposed to these cooking techniques. These restaurants could be seafood or steak houses or restaurants specializing in barbecue and smoked foods. Also, whether you are grilling in your backyard or at a restaurant, practice makes perfect! A sense of taste, smell, and safety are essential when working around hot grills. You must also have the stamina to stand long hours and have good physical strength to lift heavy items.

Grill Master (Pitmaster) Job Description

Who doesn’t love freshly cooked food from a grill? The skills of a master grill chef are considered an art in some parts of the country; ask any barbecue connoisseur! These experts depend on the very best ingredients and purchase the food to ensure it meets their quality standards. They are responsible to fire up the grills, clean them, and ensure they stay hot throughout their shift.
They also use a variety of techniques and grills. The duties of a grill master will also depend on where they work. The tasks in a restaurant may vary considerably from someone who grills at events.
Grill masters often work at a station with others and may oversee less experienced cooks. They are continuously monitoring the grill’s temperature and may shift how hot various parts of the grill are and move ingredients around the grill to cook the food just right. They are skilled at ensuring a customer’s food is cooked to their requested order, such as raw, medium, medium-well, or well done. They also keep food areas clean and sanitized and comply with regulations.
Grill masters can be self-employed, in a restaurant, or work in industrial settings, prepping smoked meats for retail stores. Many work long hours and must be flexible in their schedules. More than often, nights and weekends are required.