high school senior checklist

High School Senior Checklist

If you are a senior in high school, this is a quick senior checklist to you’ll want to be sure to accomplish.

  1. Keep doing good in school, especially in the 2nd semester. Colleges (and scholarships) still consider those grades.
  2. Enroll in school activities and take on leadership positions if you can. This will help your college applications.
  3. Make sure you are meeting your high school’s graduation requirements. You can stop by your guidance counselor to be sure. You can also visit the high school graduation requirements by state page on this site.
  4. Take the standardized tests colleges expect (SAT/ACT). If there is a college(s) you are interested in, find out what test they require. Also, if you took these tests as a Junior and you are not happy with your school, you can take them again.
  5. Work on your college essay. Many college applications make you have one.
  6. Apply to your chosen colleges by the application deadline.
  7. File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible after the new year. Ask your parents/guardians to fill out their taxes as soon as possible. You will need their tax information.
  8. Find scholarships and apply to them. Contact the colleges you are applying to and find out if they offer scholarships or have any local scholarships posted.

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