what does a human service assistant do

What does a Human Service Assistant do?

A human service assistant provides support in social work, psychology, or rehabilitation to individuals and families. Their responsibility is to act as an assistant to a social worker and the position is considered an entry level opportunity. The goal of a professional in this role is to resolve client’s problems that includes substance abuse, repair relationships, health care and rehabilitation.

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How to Become a Human Service Assistant

A minimum education of a high school diploma or equivalent is a requirement to become a human service assistant. A high school diploma will result in a low-level position in this field with minimal salary. You can further your education with an associate’s degree in gerontology, behavioral science, or human services.

If you pursue a human services program you will earn training in how to communicate with patients, work under pressure, and complete treatment plans. The program will require you to work in the field to gain real life experience. If interested, you can apply for a scholarship to fund your education.

Job Description of a Human Service Assistant

Human service assistants review the psychology of a patient to identify their needs and determines a plan to provide health care. If an issue with health care insurance or other care related factors arise, the individual is there to communicate alternative options. A patient that needs to be relocated to a new health center will receive referral options from a human service assistant. It is essential for the individual to understand the job function of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to provide immediate care to patients in need.

Human Service Assistant Career Video Transcript

With a blend of compassion, determination, and strong organizational skills, social and human service assistants help a wide variety of people get the services they need. Social and human service assistants help clients obtain benefits and services in their community, and follow up to ensure services are in place. For example, they may connect families to food assistance or childcare, help immigrants enroll in language classes and job training, or help people leaving prison find jobs and housing.

People in this field work under a variety of job titles, including case work aide, social work assistant or aide, counselor assistant, and human services worker. Typically with the supervision of a social worker or counselor, social and human service assistants serve many different clients such as veterans, the homeless, children and families, the elderly, and clients rehabilitating from addiction or injuries. They work in many types of organizations that provide social assistance programs, including: non-profits, social service agencies, government offices, hospitals, and shelters. Some may visit clients in the community.

Most social and human service assistants work full time. They generally need at least a high school education, and may be required to have a certificate or associate’s degree in a human services field. More education usually qualifies a candidate for higher-level work.

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