Industrial Designer

An industrial designer develops, tests, and presents new ideas for..

Industrial Designer

What does a Industrial Designer do?

Median Pay $67,790
Growth Rate 2%
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An industrial designer develops, tests, and presents new ideas for the manufacturing of everyday products. They also study who might use a particular product and design for a better user experience. Industrial designers create designs on the computer or on paper and then make prototypes to test the design to be considered for production.

How to Become an Industrial Designer

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To gain a career as an industrial designer, you usually need a bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, or industrial design to be considered for entry-level positions. An applicant would usually present an electronic portfolio with examples of their best designs when being interviewed for a position.

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Job Description of an Industrial Designer

Industrial designers must consider a product’s functionality, safety, and appearance as part of the decision to produce the product. They also analyze the cost of production and materials and work with other specialists to determine if the designed product is reasonable to manufacture. Some industrial designers prefer to specialize in a particular area of design, like bicycles, snowboards, consumer electronics, furniture, or cars. These designers work in offices in different industries or may travel to the place where the product is made.

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