A logistician manages the supply and demand for a company..


What does a Logistician do?

Median Pay $74,170
Growth Rate 2%
Citation Retrieved in 2017 from BLS.org

A logistician manages the supply and demand for a company in respect to their consumers. The main focus is on the rotation of products depending on the distribution, delivery, and how the products are acquired. They analyze and coordinate an organization’s supply chain to get products to the consumer. They work in many industries but many work work for manufacturing companies and the federal government.

How to Become a Logistician


An associate’s degree in process engineering, business, industrial engineering, or supply chain is needed, but most employers require a bachelor’s degree. Companies also consider your work experience and industry certifications.

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Job Description of a Logistician

A logistician manages and directs the movement of products, supplies, or even people. They oversee an organization’s logistics to manage its inventory, purchasing, warehousing, and transportation. They must be computer savvy as they use software that is sophisticated in planning and tracking to manage the inventory, procurement, and various logistical functions. They also manage the financial impact of logistical changes in shipping modes or routes.

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