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What does a Makeup Artist do?

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A makeup artist enhances a person’s appearance using makeup, prosthetics, and various cosmetic products. Additionally, they may work as a clerk in a store, for movie and television production companies, magazines, theatre, or the modeling industry. If you enjoy experimenting with makeup and creating different looks for yourself, family, or friends, this may be the perfect career choice! Watch a video to see what it’s like to work on a film set.

How to Become a Makeup Artist

There are a few ways to become a makeup artist, depending on how professional you wish to become; for instance, a high school diploma or equivalent is acceptable to work as a makeup clerk in a store. Store makeup clerks receive on-the-job training with knowledge of different products and how to apply makeup. Community colleges offer Associate degree programs in cosmetology with skincare courses, bacteria prevention, sanitation, and business skills for persons wanting to expand their opportunities.

Makeup artists that want to work in film, theatre, or other professional aspects of the industry need a Bachelor’s degree in theatre. Courses include programs in makeup, special effects, corrective makeup, and how to use lighting and other aspects necessary to the industry. Online courses are also available for makeup artistry.

Schools like cosmetology have less than six months of professional-level training programs and advanced cosmetology programs for twelve to fourteen months. Some schools give job referrals to students so they can begin gaining experience. Another great way to gain experience as a makeup artist is to join a theatre group. Theatre will give you knowledge about the art of applying makeup, how to use lighting to the best advantage, use different materials like plastic and rubber features, and other valuable secrets of the trade. Theatre will give you experience, references, and recommendations to add to your portfolio.

Portfolios are essential to get jobs as a makeup artist. The portfolio should include excellent pictures of your work that shows your skills. As we mentioned earlier, you need to include references and testimonials from professionals. The portfolio should be updated and show the progression of your talents.

Makeup Artist Job Description

Makeup artists help accentuate a person’s look with beauty products and techniques. The help apply make-up to movie characters such as monsters and sci-fi creatures to make them seem more real. They also craft special effects with prosthetics. Others, may work to prepare people for photo shoots, weddings, or other special events. Others may work in stores and showcase a product on people interested in learning more. These artists use makeup to make the client look their best and may cover up flows in the skin to bring out their best color and facial features.

Other makeup artists work in theater, television, and film. They work with actors to apply makeup or teach the application of makeup. The artists use creativity to enhance their characters, such as special effects in fantasy creatures. They spend time researching settings in another era that require specific hairstyles, makeup, and other features. The makeup artists consult with directors to get their ideas for the actors’ looks and sometimes read scripts.

Makeup artists also read magazines, fashion blogs, and go online to stay current with trends. Time management and excellent customer service are a must in this profession as well as a solid understanding of art and design. Makeup artists require good motor skills and often stand for long hours applying makeup or teaching the application of makeup. Freelance makeup artists also market themselves by networking and their online website to include social media. They may also advertise in beauty salons. Whether you enjoy applying makeup on yourself, friends, or making brides beautiful, whether you want to use more professional skills in film or theatre, this is a career worth checking out! Good luck!

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