What does a Media and Communication Equipment Worker do?

Median Pay $77,520
Growth Rate 5%
Citation Retrieved from BLS.gov

A media and communication equipment worker installs, maintains, and repairs audio and visual systems in homes and businesses. These professionals are needed in various industries such as the movie and film industry, business (assisting a companies internal communications), and they can even transition to a sales position for companies that sell this type of equipment.

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How to Become a Media and Communication Worker

what does a media and communication equipment worker do

Though you only need a high school diploma to step into this career, experience would be valuable unless you have a certification or associate’s in a field such as telecommunications. Those with electrical or computer installation and repair backgrounds may also transition to this career field well once they learn how video and audio equipment works.

Without a degree or certification, you could land an internship or entry-level position to learn on-the-job. These positions may not pay much, but after learning the trade you could be on your way to becoming a media and communication worker. This position has higher growth rates per location, so you’ll want to check if that your area has career opportunities.

Job Description of a Media and Communication Worker

Media and communication workers will install various media and communication equipment and test that they work. They would also show their customer how to use the equipment they installed. For example, they might install video and audio conference rooms for a company and then train employees on using that equipment. They are also responsible to maintain equipment and when it becomes outdated, may recommend a replacement. Along with troubleshooting any issues that arise for customers, these workers can also handle minor repairs on equipment preventing customers from replacing what they purchased.

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