What does a Online Merchant do?

Median Pay $70,010
Growth Rate 5%
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Online merchants must be knowledgable in retail such as buying and managing inventory. However, they must also be knowledgable in online marketing strategies, updating inventory on a website, and managing the inventory that may not be housed where they operate their business.

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How to Become an Online Merchant

According to O*Net Online, a little over 50% of online merchants have at least bachelor’s degree or a post-secondary certificate. However, education is not a requirement to become an online merchant. College courses relating to business and marketing would be helpful. You may also need to take tutorials in the software that will be used to operate the online store. Many computer programs have resource material freely online.

Job Description of an Online Merchant

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Before the internet, online merchants didn’t exist. People are shopping online and conducting daily business online more than ever now, and that has brought an opportunity to those who wish to sell products (or services) on the internet. Online merchants must get their product in front of potential customers online and then make their website (their virtual storefront) as appealing as possible so those customers purchase from them. Online merchants must be computer savvy. They would need to update their content online and this could include changing text, photos, or even uploading videos to showcase a product. They must also have good electronic communication skills.

Online Merchants Career Video Transcript

Online merchants can get the best of both worlds, establishing a place for themselves in the market and saving money by working from home. Online merchants sell, package, and ship products to customers or distributors. On a daily basis, they might check their computer for new orders and process payments received for merchandise. Then, they might buy a new product and upload an appealing picture of it to the online store.

Online merchants make sure users can find and navigate their website and then buy their products easily. They typically set the prices for products and email customers to confirm transactions and communicate throughout the shipment process. Some online merchants work in teams for a store or distributor, while others work independently from home. This career allows a lot of schedule flexibility they may work full-time on developing their online store,or work part-time for some extra cash.

Online merchants rely more on their business savvy than formal education to get their careers started. In this field, good customer service and the ability to work independently are essential to success.

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