Painter and Coater

Painting and coating workers paint and coat a wide range..

Painter and Coater

What does a Painter and Coater do?

Median Pay $35,300
Growth Rate 1%
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Painting and coating workers paint and coat a wide range of products, like ceramics, wood, jewelry, factories, cars, and other products. They frequently use spray guns for the application of paints and coating especially for large areas.

Another common technique for painters and coaters is dipping a product in a large vat of paint or other coating. They mostly work on a full time basis and stand for long periods of time in specially ventilated areas.

How to Become a Painting and Coating Worker

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Painting and coating workers are typically hired after receiving a high school diploma or the equivalent in the manufacturing sector. Outside of the manufacturing sector one may not require a diploma. It is advisable to take courses in high school in automotive painting.

Most entry-level painting and coating workers receive on-the-job training that is usually only a few days or sometimes a few months. Automotive painters may go to technical or vocational school to learn the intricacies of mixing and applying different types of paints. This training is mostly hands-on. One that works with computer controlled equipment may need to get training in computer programming.

On-the-job training is usually sufficient for manufacturing transportation equipment painters. Although certification is not required, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is recognized as the standard achievement for automotive painters and can be advantageous to show ones competency.

Job Description of a Painting and Coating Worker

The duties of a painting and coating worker may vary depending on the type of job they have. For example, there are transportation equipment painters, dippers, painting, coating and decorating workers, spraying machine operators and coating, and painting and spraying machine tinders, setters, and operators. However, a painting and coating worker typically set up and operate machines used in their job that paints or coats a product. They make the appropriate selection of the paint or coating required for the job and clean and prepare the product to apply the coating or paint. He or she uses a variety of techniques to paint or coat the product, like dipping or spraying.

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