What does a Paranormal Investigator do?

become a paranormal investigator

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Paranormal investigators explore places that people claim are haunted by ghosts because of unexplained paranormal activity. These investigators use a compilation of evidence that either indicates or rejects the presence of paranormal phenomenon.

How to Become a Paranormal Investigator

Become a Paranormal Investigator

To become a paranormal investigator, there is no formal education required. However, a background in research, science, or history would be helpful. Additionally, the following topics may be useful to research: cryptozoologist, parapsychologist, or historian.

Investigators gain on-the-job training to learn the equipment and observational processes with other paranormal investigators. Additionally, there is a Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), which publishes applicable information. There is also a helpful podcast from Point of Inquiry that you may be interested in listening to.

There are specific qualities that a paranormal investigator needs to perform the job, such as compassion and empathy. These investigators need to have a passion to investigate possible hauntings, an open mind, and a scientific approach to their work. They also need to be critical thinkers and have the ability to prove or debunk a supernatural claim. It also goes without saying that these professionals must also be able to adapt to changing situations and stay calm in compelling cases rapidly. To get started, you can advertise your services online or in trade magazines to get yourself out there. You can also work as an intern for another group of paranormal investigators as you gain experience.

Job Description of a Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal investigators typically work in teams, with each member responsible for a particular area of the investigation. Your duties will also depend on the part you play for the team. Paranormal investigators are usually the lead person on the team. These investigators collect evidence from clients and witnesses of the phenomenon. They also research the history of the location to include any former occupants and events and may assign the research duty to another team member.

Investigators must also check for logical reasons for the activity reported and keep an open mind to the possibility that there is no paranormal activity. There are explainable reasons for disturbances, like flaws in the foundations of a building, gas leaks, or a client’s imagination. The reputation of the paranormal investigator depends on accuracy. However, they must also be open that there is paranormal activity that cannot be scientifically explained.

A paranormal team may also operate high-tech equipment, like thermal imaging, electromagnetic meters, temperature meters, ion detectors, and Geiger counters. They also use audio recorders and surveillance microphones. Paranormal investigator teams use this equipment to check for unusual temperatures at various locations, magnetic fields, and radiation.

The team of paranormal investigators also holds stakeouts for long periods to witness and record any unusual activity in the area themselves. They hope to observe mysterious incidents that the clients or witnesses claim, such as unexplained noises, voices, apparitions, slamming doors, or floating objects, all while operating their equipment to document the activity as well. Paranormal investigators then relay their findings for clients, which can ease their mind or validate their experiences. They also spread awareness through education or storytelling in the desire to explain the sometimes unexplainable!

There are also benefits to being a paranormal investigator. You likely get to travel, meet new people, and work in a field you are passionate about and fascinated by. After all, this is one of the most intriguing jobs. The hours are likely very flexible but you likely would benefit if you were someone who likes staying up late as most investigations occur in the evenings. Paranormal investigators have the curiosity and courage to take on this career of ghosts and mysterious phenomena! They are dedicated to declaring the truth as they find it and opening the public’s minds. Happy haunting and good luck!

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